Who Is Claire Lynch?

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  1. What a title, ha?:obama:


    The identity of the woman portraying the Claire Lynch character on IMPACT Wrestling is a local Orlando, FL actress/model named Julia Reilly. According to her official website, Reilly boasts an impressive resume in tradeshows, television commercials and more.



    Inb4 DILLIGAF :haha:
  2. I googled her after PW.NET reported she may have been a former porn star, wanted to confirm just for laughs. Found the link in the OP and saw it was taken down by GoDaddy. Laughs achieved.

    Edit: Rumor not true, they mentioned they weren't sure on it anyway. Thank goodness.
  3. she is fucking gross, whoever she is. More assmacher please.
  4. :true: Tessmacher is fucking sexy. Love the knockouts btw they wrestle well.
  5. She seems like a good model. In matter of fact, how about we end this storyline for she can get right back into the only thing she does best, modeling. That way, everybody wins.

  7. [​IMG]
  9. Nevermind,
  10. Watch Impact and learn. :facepalm1:
  11. She's a crack addict slut apparantly.

    Wait no.

    A crack addict pregnant slut.
  12. A RECOVERING crack addict pregnant slut, at that.
  13. Rehab master - Claire Lynch.

    Wait no, that's Jeff Hardvey.:dawg:
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