Storyline Who is next?

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  1. ~Alkatrz appears on stage~

    I have beaten Joey Bryant on the biggest stage of all. Now I have proved myself. It is time for the pain to begin. This is an open challenge. Who wishes to die by my hand?

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  2. *Out comes a newcomer (This guy totally resembles my avatar), by the name of "CM Shaddix", he looks at Alcatrz then walks down the ramp and gets in the ring, he has a mic*


    So you're this whole doomsday guy I saw just say a lot of words and win a match?

    ... Okay okay okay, you're probably wondering who I am, my names Corey Martin Shaddix, but usually I go by the name abbreviation "CM Shaddix". I just recently signed here.

    Now I was watching Mania, and first I want to say congratulations, I was shocked when Bryant didn't show up and I expected better from him. I wanted to see a crazy ass match, he didn't show. The Great Joey Bryant NOW SHOWED at Wrestlemania, unbelieveable. ... ... Now, now hold up, I bet Joey had a great reason why he didn't show and it'll be addressed later, but listen, right now I can't stand how you're going around saying you proved something at Mania, did you beat the shit out of somebody? No... you just blabbed as you won by forfeit. What the hell does that prove?

    Now I might be just a new face in the IWT, but at least you're face to face with a guy who's actually gonna show up for the match. Come on, there is a fresh face right in front of you, prove to me and all these people that you are a force to be reckoned with around here.
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  3. ~Alkatrz smirks at the young boy stood before him~

    How quaint. IWT now sacrifices a virgin to me. Ok child. You will be the 2ndperson to die by my hand. You will strike 2 on the clock of death.
  4. Ight this happenin or what? It's been a while since I've been in the IWT.
  5. What?
  6. Come on guys - give us a storyline of some sort to build to the match. Something more than "Who's next me kill?" and "You can't kill me" (which I'm assuming is said with a John Cena hand waving type motion)
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  7. It's not like we are asking for a match right now. I wanted to see if this was cool.
  8. Oh I misunderstood then. :jericho:

    I thought thats what was being implied. By all means, go ahead.
  9. Almost thought this was a Goldberg thread :bischoff:
  10. Lmfao "Goldberg thread"