Storyline Who Is Roadster?

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  1. ******Welcome ladies and gentle man my name Micheal Jim Ross Cole and our guest for this weeks edition of how HHH is going to bury the roster doesn't actually include HHH at all it's the Roadster!

    Cole: Welcome, nice to see a new ambitious face in the IWT.

    Roadster: Ambitious? i'm not ambitious at all, i'm not a dreamer, i'm not wanna y'all i don't need to try, Cole! My god given vocal talent and wrestling talent is just about enough to get me to @Aids Johnson by WrestleMania time! I'm on a mission, Cole. And that mission is to become the legend @Aids Johnson said i was going to be on my debut.

    Cole: Why? why are you so aggressive towards greats like @Dat Kid @gav the chav @Dazzle Reigns among others?

    Roadster: You call them greats? i call them placeholders their are holding a spot that will be mine! who ever thinks they can take me should try seeing me against gav the chav! I am not a character i am the greatest singer to wrestler talent in the world today!

    Cole: What's your plan by WrestleMania, if you didn't have a title match?

    Roadster: Be undefeated, i'm not here for the money, i'm not here for the fame, hell i'm not here because i like it, i'm here because i want the world of IWT to know that i am not to be taken lightly! and i am not to be thought as a joke and NOT TO BE TAUGHT AS THE MAN WITH NO SKILL, because i do have skill, and i am no joke!

    Cole: Why do you think people will take you lightly?

    Roadster: I know how rookies are treated, okay? *COLE LOOKS DOWN FOR A MOMENT* Hey- *GRABS COLE'S COLLAR AND TAKES OUT GLOCK* You look at me when i'm talking to you! they think this guitar, these funny boots and funny pants is what i am, a comedy character? i am not Chav i am Roadster!

    THROWS DOWN MIC, "This crap is done"
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