Who is the best wrestler in the world in their prime?

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  1. Bret Hart, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels? Who in their prime is the true best wrestler in the world?
  2. rey mysterio maybe, he used to do some crazy shit.
  3. I don't understand what you are asking? Are you asking who is the best wrestler of all time but wording it very poorly? Just technical wrestling, all around in ring performance, or all around wrestlers with character, mic work, and ring work taken into account?

    From an in ring standpoint I'll always lean towards Benoit as the GOAT. Intensity, his moveset, technical ability, selling.. the guy did it all and he did it all at an amazingly high level.
  4. I mean the best wrestler, like How CM Punk says he's the best wrestler in the world, and how Crayo says Daniel Bryan is best in the world and better than CM Punk. Depending on w/e they mean, I mean.
  5. Wrestler...

    Kurt angle

  6. Yea, they just mean in ring ability. Benoit easily for me.
  7. Probably why CM Punk claims Best in the world, because Benoit is not in the world. :dawg: But yeah, that's why I don't get too much into Bryan and Punk. They kinda lack that intensity that Benoit and Kurt have while wrestling.
  8. CM PUNK DUH! And he still the Best Wrestler in the World!

  9. I'm going to have to go with Eddie Guerrero for this one. He was the best of all time, and was the most must see WWE superstar of all time.
  10. Shawn Michaels.
  11. I'd say Shawn Michaels.
  12. Eddie is like the 2pac of wrestling. His death made him a lot more famous than his whole life did. Can you imagine if Undertaker or HBK were to die, they're already bigger legends than Eddie in life, so their death would probs make them GOAT.

    I also find it funny how no one on this thread has mentioned undertaker. Kurt Angle even said that he agrees undertaker is the best wrestler.
  13. The Heartbreak Kid.
  14. Kurt also said he'd be going to the Olympics this year and he passed a UFC medical with flying colours which Dana later refuted. Kurt says a lot of things. I agree Eddie's death raised his legend but can you really say Taker has cut better promos then Eddie did in his 2005 heel run? I know for one I can't, plus his early work in WCW is stuff of legend whilst Taker never really met that pedestal. Undertaker for me personally, whilst an icon of the sport has been over rated based upon longevity.

    Back to the OP for purely in ring in the WWE Bret Hart has to be close, so must Owen.
  15. The Heartbreak Kid, The Show Stopper, The Main Event, The Icon, The Headliner, and Mr. WrestleMania.


  16. Still, when one of the best wrestlers such as kurt angle complements you by saying you're the best, it means something. and everyone shines at different times, austin blew up in WWE, same with kane. all because of simple gimmick changes along with undertaker. there's a reason why WCW closed-down. they obviously weren't as smart as WWE thus couldn't beat them. :dawg:
  17. wonder why no one has posted bryan. :burns:
  18. Because when you say the best wrestler of all time, there's a much broader range of wrestlers that one can pick. It's also hard to compare all of them.
  19. Because he's a poor man's Benoit on his best days.