Who is the coolest member on the forum?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. I for one think it's Danny.
    Follow me Danny.
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  2. @Stopspot
    fight me irl seabs, Stop on a pole match.
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  3. I'd say Senhor
    cm punk
    Dat Kid

    Honestly those are the coo kids in my book.
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  4. Dat Kid is pretty cool for a black guy. But not as cool as the number one black guy @Farooq the Big Boss
    Deth is pretty cool when he isn't Jesus.
    D'Z is a huge faggot tho.
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  5. True.
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  6. In no particular order:

    Honestly, for all the BS me and D'Z go through I've gotta say he's up there.
    Deth - You can be a penis, but you're actually a cool motherf***er
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  7. Yeah, that's a given.
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  8. I'm just fuckin around though. D'Z is a pretty cool cat.

    xanth too ( He liked a picture of a pizza i posted on my facebook)
  9. If I didn't mention you, it's merely because of differences.
    The people I mentioned reflect the same sort of outlook on life as I do. (Whether it is right or wrong)

    However, there are plenty of cool members here who are completely different from me.
  10. It's all gravy.
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  11. Just Kevin
    Dat Kid
    CM Punk
    Stop (even though he's mean to me)
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  12. CM Punk was the first person to talk to me on these forums, so he's prob the coolest if I had to pick one. He was the first to treat me like a regular dude and not a noob. 25,624 posts ago
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  13. Yep, we are different. I'm just not going to argue with you anymore.
    I'm going to see your point and value it at that. It isn't difficult.
    It isn't worth the agitation. It simply isn't f***ing worth it in any way
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  14. Not sure if anyone greeted me but Aids was one of the first people I grew to know a tad bit better.
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  15. Yeah, nothing is going to change my mind, just don't bother. Even if i'm wrong
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  16. Did you guys skype? Bro?
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  17. Fair enough
  18. Nah. I don't share my face with people.
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