Who is the current top heel/face of FNW?

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  1. An interesting subject worth discussion if you ask me. Who do you, the readers consider to currently be the top heel and top face of the fed? We've been around in this form for little over a month now and characters have gotten a chance to flesh out now. So let's hear it.

    There are some rules for this:

    • Please refrain from picking your own character. We'd like to see what other characters you like
    • This thread is not kayfabe so please speak out of character

    Personally I feel that the number one heel right now is either Brian Messias or Zach Schmidt, which makes their rivalry even more interesting, there is no clear cut good guy in it. Both guys are egotistical and willing to do anything to get the win. Zach has an edge since he has the more aggressive side since a few weeks back but Brian is a great heel talker so this is a very hard pick. I'll go with Messias for now.

    As for top face. It'll have to be either Lucas Hacksaw or Vinnie Rose in my opinion. Hacksaw is playing the role of ring veteran well and displays both ego but also the makings of a good guy since he doesn't come out and down right insult people. Vinnie is an entertaining, younger character but he is also flawed which we have seen in his talks with Clash. This makes him an interesting character. Hacksaw gets it from me though.

    Who do you think it is?
  2. Heel: Brian Messias. He defines a heel for me. Aggressive, talented, good on the mic, egotistical. He backs it up in the ring as well.
    Face: Lucas Hacksaw. Hes the veteran of FNW and a clear fan favorite.
  3. I personally think this:

    Top Heel: Zach & Messias both have been dominant and pushed past the rest, however I see Austins is quite heelish in the preview thread, so at the moment I am tied

    Top Face: Has to be Hacksaw. In preview cards he is the only clear face there. Everyone else is trying hard to be heel but seems to not be able to top Messias or Zach, but Hacksaw is the only one trying to be face and stands out
  4. Honestly this is one of the only problems I have with FNW. Everyone wants to be a heel and we have pretty much no face characters.
  5. We make them face in the shows, not everyone can be heel, we have a few faces now
  6. But .exe has a point as well. Some guys tend to still try and be heels in the preview cards even though they are booked as heels. I am all for roleplaying and gritty faces but he has a point that there are a lot that try to play it heel.
  7. I'll be a face if it helps.
  8. Heel: Zach Scmidt - Even though his mic skills aren't great, he has great matches.
    Face: Hacksaw - It could've been Nixon, but to me, he is a tweener.
  9. My mic skills are amazing. :sad:
  10. It is improving, I'll give you that.
  11. I was just joking. They're average at best. I'm not sure if you're referring to the the show segments or in the preview cards. In the preview cards I don't even think about it I just say whatever comes to my head which is why I stutter and lose my place all the time. But thanks.

  12. I just say what's in my head also.
    Although if I F up and freeze for over 15 seconds than I might re-do it.
  13. Aids will be Heel, Vinny face. For now, no one deserves either.
  14. @[Aids Johnson] The OP says to select someone other than your own. You haven't answered the question.

    Who is the top heel and who is the top face not who will be. Please do answer the questions
  15. Probably Madd dogg and AA.
  16. You didn't say why Aids, please do read the OP on things
  17. Christ, my bad. I'm pretty far behind on all the shows, and spending what time i can to catch up. Brian Messias and Madd dogg, because they have the most wins, and least losses.