Who is the greatest midcarder in WWE Today?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolphbk, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Title pretty much says it!

    Comment which midcarder should become a Main-Eventer !

    I am talking guys like Curtis Axel, Antonio Ceasero, Miz Etc.
  2. Antonio Cesaro, Rhodes, and if you count him as a mid carder, Ziggler
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  3. Antonio Cesaro,every time he steps in the ring you're guaranteed a good match.
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  4. CM Punk.
  6. :hmm: In ring I would go with Antonio Cesaro, his matches are just golden.
    On the mic I would say, Damien Sandow
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  7. Cesaro, and it's not even close imo. He is sound in the ring, and has that aggresive edge. I seen the same edge in mcintyire and that failed so I could be wrong.
  8. There is no comparison between an elite talent like Cesaro and a schmuck like McIntyre.
  9. The aggressiveness was similar
  10. Their midcarders... No none are great..

    That's why they are midcarders
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  11. The Miz! Right now WWE won't push him or make him look better. Miz=Midcard.
  12. They're
  13. Thanks bro... Autocorrect failed me...

    It's ok....

    Feel free to feel good about yourself
  14. Awesome new sig.
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  15. So basically you think that someone like Ziggler who has been in the Midcard for years or Cesaro or even Bryan is not a good enough wrestler because WWE doesn't want to give him a ME push?
  16. Cesaro fo sho. I'd say Rhodes and Sandow but they're climbing they're way up to the main event.
  17. thanks lol. glad somebody got a kick out of it.
  18. Are you smoking crack? Miz is a big pile of shit.
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  19. How you even class Miz as the same level as Cesaro is just idiotic.
  20. Your unfounded Miz hate is not exactly bulletproof either buddy.
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