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  1. I'm not here to claim I am the future because I am the NOW in this industry and I am the millennium! While the others hide the truth inside of them, I will reveal each and everyone of you and that's a given fact. I am the leader of the wrestling world and the rest of you are the sheep, who will follow by my lead and by my examples. I am the best at what I do and there is absolutely no question on that. If you don't want to believe in that, I will show why exactly I am considered the best in this world and why I always will be the best! I dare anyone to try to prove me wrong. If you believe you have what it takes, approach me with caution because you will be taken under the truth trials.
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  4. The crowd instantly begins to boo loudly, as pamphlet's are dropped down from the ceiling and the staff and leadership "aiding" Aids Johnson come out. They walk down the ring, handing off more pamphlets down the walk to the ring, before Aids comes out to a loud boo from the crowd. Aids stops at the top of the ramp, microphone in hand.

    I think at this point in my career it's obvious I have nothing to lose and you have everything to gain. I'll give you what you're clamoring for, with two reasons in mind. I've watched your video's and am interested in what you have to offer the IWT, and because any minute out of the hell i'm living in is worth it, whether I walk out or am carried out - win or lose.

    Let's keep this short and to the point, I need a step in the right direction, and you could use a boost up the ladder. It's time to rip the band-aid off i've been covering this chip on my shoulder with, before i tattoo your face with my Hall of fame ring and get right. You've got all the time to decide you need.

    *Aids turns around, but the camera's pan back over to the fans tearing up the pamphlets, showing a "I'm an AidsAHOLIC" sign before panning back to the announcers.