Who provided Vince McMahon with Paul Heyman footage?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. That's the question none of us has asked yet. Is it something WWE are going to pursue or are they going to treat us like morons and never reveal it?


  2. I'm pretty sure its Maddox himself after getting his ass handed to him by the Shield.
  3. Maddox as he has a personal cameraman.
  4. It was Maddox's personal cameraman, I suppose, from watching the video.
  5. Maddox probably was salty after getting his ass handed to him, and used the footage to give to vince. Maybe giving him a contract? Who knows.
  6. It was DDP. #GetThatReference
  7. I guessed Maddox Monday when they first brought up an idea of a video. I figure soon it'll be revealed that Maddox did it for a contract, Brock will destroy him, sending him away for some time.

    My question is why was Heyman rubbing all over Maddox in that dark room? Looking like he wanted to suck on his neck.

    ~Three Said That~
  8. GTV is back!
  10. That preppy queer dude... What's his name??? Uhhh... Madox?
  11. It was Rikishi he did it for the Rock
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  12. :lol1: seriously, that was a good one!
  13. They're going to finally end the GTV angle after all this time... Golddust?
  14. Well it was pretty obvious that Maddox was the one that gave Vince the footage.
  15. AHAH! I knew wwe anonymous cam was real :troll:

    lol all due seriousness, I really want it to lead up to someone elses debut from nxt or someone's return.
  16. Why it was Vince, Heyman! It was Vince, Heyman! It was Vince all along!
  17. It was me guiz :otunga: but that kick from Roman hurt :sad:
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