Who wants a shot at the GOAT.

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  1. The video begins while the crowd pop to a seductive video starring @Senhor Perfect . Aids Johnson walks out 80's dancing to the jeer of the crowd, before pointing up to the titantron of Senhor and doing a seductive rub down his $18 suit. He slides into the ring before thrusting on the ground multiple times, before grabbing a microphone and tossing his bottle of scotch into the crowd - to a large pop.

    ...and love is not a choice. Hello IWT UNIVERSE! (crowd pop) The champ is here!

    You see tonight is a wonderful occasion, I will be competing in the Money in the Bank contest, and we have so many wonderful things for @Trip in the Head and myself to announce. So come out trip, I haven't made you regret your decision to work with me nearly public enough.

    Let's inform the world and your wife of our not so private secret.
  2. *Aids waits for what seems like an uncomfortably long silence until the titan tron lights up as pyro goes off on the stage*

    *Trip walks out to the ring in casual clothes having just arrived at the arena moments after Aids requested his presence. He climbs the ringside and ducks under the top rope to enter the ring. He raises one hand as he makes his way around the ring once, the crowd reacting as they wish which makes for a very mixed reaction, but a loud one just the same. He is handed a mic by the crew and he approaches Aids Johnson in the middle of the ring*

    TRIP: Whats up now oh overzealous one? I just got out of my limo and the first thing I hear is "Aids is asking to see you in the ring". You know what I did? I rolled my eyes man. I didn't even have time to put on my suit so this better be good, *Trip glares at Aids* especially if you do plan on being in that MITB match like you said. Hey often have you come out here lately anyway? I realize you are trying to take this new position I gave you serious and I appreciate that, really I do, but Aids, I'm getting negative reports from the superstars in the back saying you are harassing them to make sure they are ready to compete. I understand your desire to light fires under these lazy competitor's asses, but you push them to far and they might not want to show up. Now, what is it you wanted me out here for to tell these people? I'm a very busy man, as you well know.

    *Trip folds his arms on his chest and awaits an answer*
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  3. ( Gav the chav) mmmmmmmehh mmmmmmeh mmneh mmmeh mmmmeh

    Translation: where the fuck is dazzle?
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  4. *Dat Kid watches this in the back as lazy part timer Aids Johnson takes an entire day to respond to Trip*
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  5. *Trip glares at Aids :notsure:*

    TRIP: Alright then, keeping your mouth shut here tonight might be the smartest thing you've done in recent memory Mr. Johnson. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a show to run.

    *Trip smiles and nods at Aids and exits the ring and walks up the ramp. A camera follows him through the curtain to the backstage area. He walks down a few halls and gets to a door labeled "IWT GM" and opens it up, grumbling to himself about wasted time as he enters his office, the door closing behind him before the camera can follow.*

    OOC: To be continued in the "Intro to Uprising" thread.............
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  6. Aids talking to Trip
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  7. Cool theme music.. QUEER [​IMG]
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  8. Because it's my fault Chip was the character who chose the music/entrance. @Senhor Perfect
  9. Chips theme song is the greatest. I dunno what kinda of crap you're talking about.