Who was your first Female Wrestler Crush?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Acailler, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Simple question...

    Who and Why?


    Velvet Sky.
    I don't know why but the minute she debuted in TNA (under Talia Madison) I fell in love...she wasn't just bloody good looking, she also had attitude and something that I hadn't seen before! Still think she's damn hot...I also met her...she smells nice... :tyson:
  2. Real Crush AJ.
    She's awesome outside the ring and shes so cuteeeeeee

    When I was young I had a mini crush on Trish but i was 7 so It was like wow shes beautiful. OH LOOK MYSTERIO FUCK GIRLS!
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  3. Yeah...For some reason, Trishes "last" match in that white PVC outfit..... *drools*
  4. I remember having the biggest crush on AJ in NXT. Still do to this day,
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  5. Sunny :gusta:

    So many good memories. She was the first and one of the best.
  6. :gusta:
  7. Torrie Wilson I think.
  8. Sable I'm pretty sure.
  9. This
    She was so sexy :gusta:
  10. Beth Phoenix, without a doubt.
  11. :gusta:
  12. AJ Lee. Biggest AJ Lee mark here ;)
  13. Either AJ or Mickie James.
  14. Stephanie Mcmahon.
  15. Stratus, and Torrie Wilson.
  16. Trish Stratus when she accompanied Test & Albert to the ring some 11 years ago, and of course Lita.
  17. I never got the Sable thing...she always look old and saggy!