Spoiler Who will challenge for the U.S title next?

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  1. ER spoiler ahead:


    I assume Kalisto will get his rematch, but after that it's kinda hard to picture who he can have meaningful feuds with. Maybe Sheamus, he can take losses. I wouldn't want to see AJ, Cesaro or fatty jobbing to him. Maybe Zayn, that's a good way for Ruru to get heat. What do you think?
  2. Had to edit out the spoiler, even though it's not like people would care about this one.

    I can see Kalisto getting his rematch on Raw tonight, and then Rusev fight Cena. Again. And as much as I want Tong Po to be champion, I just see this being the case 100%.

    If they wanted him to be a serious heel champion though, keep Cena as the next challenger. But have Rusev fuck him up at the PPV.

    Corbin could be somewhat possible as well, since Corbin doesn't give a crap if the guy is good or bad. That'd be a pretty good feud if they wanted to avoid the Cena route.
  3. It'd be a tragedy if they fed him to Cena.
  4. Cens is not returning to be fed to anyone. If anything, I think they gave the title to rusev just to have cena come back next week and beat a heel for the title. Makes sense.
  5. No it wouldn't.
  6. Big match john is pretty based
  7. Can't have a Mexi beat an American hero like Cena tbh.
  8. Can't have a Mexi beat an American hero like Cena tbh.
  9. AJ Styles takes a southern racist gimmick, waves his confederate flag with pride to reclaim his country from those damn immigrants and wins the US title
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  10. That'd actually be pretty badass lol. Won't happen though :okay: .
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  11. If AJ was going heel, brilliant. But never gonna happen. Lol, not like that any ways
  12. I feel like Rusev was given the title just so he could be fed to Cena (again.) I'm hoping I'm wrong, though.
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  13. I just said that above. I think that's why rusev won. A heel has the belt, super cena saves the day and cleans house
  14. Why do I want this to happen
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  15. >you will never see weekly vignettes based around the club deporting hispanic wrestlers

  16. Because it's a great heel idea
  17. Considering what happened on SmackDown this past week, Rusev might have another challenger (if Cena ends up in the final qualifying match for MITB) for the title - Titus O'Neil.
  18. AJ Styles I guess, he needs something to do now.
  19. Considering the Miz is heading off to film another movie I actually think it'll be John boy going after the IC title, and finally becoming a grand slam champion
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