Who will Sheamus feud with post Bryan?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. It seems to be certain he's winning the title at some point so who will he feud with after Daniel Bryan? Who would you want to move up to the smackdown main event scene?
  2. Hard to tell since the draft will happen the night after he wins the belt.
  3. I meant it more as a speculation thread.
  4. Hopefully my man Alberto after he moves to SD, or Christian
  5. Could be great if Ace won at Mania. Christian as his chosen heel champion would be a great storyline, not sure on Alberto tbh. I'd rather they built him properly.
  6. Giving ADR a feud for a mid card belt like the WHC is a nice start
  7. Hoping: Christian, Miz, Ziggles or ADR.

    Though I think it might be Rhodes, which is bad, because I want Rhodes on the A show.
  8. Why would you want Rhodes on Raw? Unless he's going to be the break out star he'll probably be better off on SD as Jericho and Punk will dominate the Main Event scene for a few more months.
  9. If they move Ziggler back to SD I'm flying to England and strangling you Crayo for even suggesting such blasphemy.
  10. I can see him or Rhodes having a clearer run to the top as I'm pretty sure both will be holding titles some time this year, so one of SD would probably be a good idea.
  11. Ziggler will feud with Sheamus next. They have already had "encounters" hinting towards a feud.
  12. I believe Christian will. Johnny said he would give Christian a title shot if his team wins at WM.
  13. Daniel Bryan will lose the title at WM28 and contines his feud with Sheamus after WM!
  14. We all trust Johnny! :ace:
  15. But who will he feud with after Bryan?
  16. maybe chirsan?
  17. No no no no no

    Ziggler is too good for the shitty WHC and the shitty B show

    terrible idea