Who would you have as your tag-team champions?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, May 19, 2012.

  1. It can be an existing tag-team or a tag-team made up by you completely on the spot (only current WWE stars please).

  2. O'Neil and Young.
  3. Bit too soon in my opinion.
  4. I agree, I wouldn't give them the titles, like, next week or something. After a month or two, if they keep up the good work, I'd give it to them. The Usos are also two guys I consider to be a great tag team, they should be pushed. Of course, there are endless possibilities of tag teams that we could form with the rest of the roster, but Kofi & Truth keeping the titles and dropping them to O'Neil and Young after some time would be good.
  5. Undertaker & Kane. :dawg:
  6. Crayo and R'Albin

    J-Gabe and Heath. Because they remind me of MCMG.
  7. Surprised no one has mentioned Reks & Hawkins yet. I'd have them as the champions if we had to use the current tag-teams, I'd have The Uso's on RAW every single week and given at least 10 minutes, they're an amazing tag-team and unique. Titus & O'Neil would be feuding with face Primo & Epico but if I could use different tag-teams I'd have them feud with Rey and Del Rio (Del Rio being a heel but on a slow face turn as he eventually saves Rey etc).

    I'd give Reks & Hawkins mic time every week and a match, get them over. I could see them being heels that everyone ends up loving.
  8. William Regal and Alex Riley
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