Who would you like to see play the Justice League in the TV DC Universe?

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  1. Warner Bros. has said that they don't want the TV & movie universes intertwining. I do. A big rumor also suggests that Nightwing will show up on Arrow by one person and a different person is going to play Nightwing in MoS 2 yet Grant Gustin or whatever his name is. The person playing Flash might make a cameo in MoS 2 judging by the reaction he gets in his Flash series.
    Now, I was thinking earlier if they do keep these 2 universes seperate. Who I would like to see play some important characters in the TV universe.

    Scott Adkins as Batman
    I'm actually a huge fan of Scott Adkins. Just search up some clips from Undisputed 2, Undisputed 3, Universal Soldier (I forgot which one he is in) but yeah, He has the look, chops, and skill it takes to be Batman. He could carry a Batman TV series.

    My computer is dying at the moment and I really want to post this thread..... I want to hear some of your fan castings for the Justice Leage for the TV Unvierse. Remember, they can't be mainlist stars either. No fucking Josh Brolin and shit. People that could be on TV lol
  2. Bryan Cranston as Batman
    Bryan Cranston as Supes
    Brayn Cranston as Nightwing
    Bryan Cranston as Flash
    Bryan Cranston as Wonder Woman
    Bryan Cranston as Green Latern
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