Who would

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  1. Win in a fight?

    Kane or The Undertaker (Tazz filming)
  2. Shawn Michaels interference with the steel chair.
  3. Tazz gives him a swift kick in the nuts to halt the interference.

    Access Denied.
  4. Austin Aries gives all 3 a brainbuster before Joey Ryan runs in and screams 87% in Tazz's face.
  5. The end, case closed :pipebomb:
  6. Godzilla followed by an army of food picking picnic ants.
  7. Then King Kong comes in all like :lol1: and :bury: Zilla
  8. And the Kelly Kelly comes in and everyones all :eww: :gtfo:
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  9. Daniel Bryan would win, he is the GOAT.
  10. HHH after interference with a chair as he then DX chops to both of their faces.
  11. In a real fight? Undertaker.. Kayfabe fight, Kane.
  12. I'd say kane
  13. Cena wins lol.

  14. Dude, Spoilers.
  15. Show Spoiler
  16. Spoilering something make me want to know more o.o