Who Wouldn't Mind Seeing A Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton Feud?

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  1. So, now that the Brock Lesnar/Triple H feud seems to be over, I'm wondering who else could Brock feud with and who else would I WANT to see him feud with on the WWE roster... ignoring obvious picks like CM Punk, of course.

    Randy Orton is someone who is credible and believable enough to feud with Brock Lesnar. He's one of the most popular guys on the roster and has been for a long time. How he remains so consistency over after doing what seems like a whole lot of nothing, I don't know, but he is. Give him something important and worthwhile to do and it'll make me and a lot of other people care a lot more.

    As for how Orton and Brock could end up on the other side of the ring from each other, that's for WWE to figure out, but given it's my thread idea and I like booking/re-booking some things anyway, I might as well attempt it. Since there are rumors of Brock winning a world title (and I believe they teased him winning the WHC when he was trashing HHH's office), perhaps they cross paths when Orton is either world champion at a time when Brock wants to win the title, in which case Orton could be the one to defeat Ziggler for the title later in the year (I can think of at least one person who would be ready to slash their wrists at the thought of that), or perhaps Brock destroys someone else for the belt and Orton is merely a guy who challenges for the belt, saying he wants to do what no one else has been able to do yet, and that's not only defeat Brock Lesnar, but lay him out for good. (Well, he could say that even if he was champ and Brock was challenger but whatever.) He could even bring up the HHH feud and talk about how HHH would be the first to tell Brock how vicious and unpredictable Orton is and how far he's willing to take it to destroy an opponent, not just physically but mentally.

    In other words, give back Orton some of his edge as "The Viper" and have him punt kick Paul Heyman and maybe even Brock himself, laying him out on Raw or something. Have Orton cut promos talking about when it comes to their inner selves, Orton is every bit as much of an animal that Brock is.

    It has the potential to be an awesome feud, in my opinion. Orton defeating Ziggler for the title and then being the guy to drop the title to Lesnar (or any other fantasy-booking idea to want to come up with) is a good set up to me. They could even cap off the feud by having a great HIAC match in October at the annual PPV.

    It'd also be awesome in their first encounter to see Brock kick out of the punt kick and then after the match (or perhaps to end the match), Lesnar delivers a punt kick of his own to Orton.

    And for what it's worth, check out this short match from 2002 between the two. This was when Orton wasn't even with the company half a year yet, and him and Lesnar had a good, fast paced match here. So we know the two of them in the ring together can deliver:

  2. Lesnar's last two matches were so boring I'd prefer he take a nice long vacation at this point. maybe at SS these two can work an angle... I would love to see Orton get the fuck beat out of him in a stiff match.
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  3. That's what I said. The two of them would go at it at the end of summer or beginning of fall.
  4. Yea I saw your giant wall of text and briskly skimmed through it.
  5. Wasn't even a long post.
  6. Longer than I was going to read when someone was 'fantasy booking' Orton.

    Nowhere did you mention late summer or early fall btw. The only thing you said related to when it would happen was 'it could wrap up at HIAC"
  7. lol I said the annual HIAC PPV. Which is in October.
  8. .... I know. I just said that.
  9. So assume I meant the end of summer or beginning of fall as to when the feud could begin rather than nitpicking what specific words were used in relation to what time period I was referring to.
  10. Well, I mean, we are veering far away from the point of this thread, but I said I would have them work an angle leading up to SS, and you said "That's what I said", which you didn't, but now I see we were meant to assume you had said it because we are apparently all mind readers on this forum.
  11. Your first post said Brock should take a long vacation, which implied that you maybe thought I was saying the feud should happen at the next PPV or something as opposed to later in the year, which I wasn't. Me mentioning HIAC being the cap off of their feud and then mentioning that the punt kick should be used in their FIRST encounter (i.e at least one PPV before HIAC) should make it clear that the feud could start around the beginning of fall or the end of summer.

    Anyway, to breathe new life into the thread, it'd be awesome to see Orton do the rope hung DDT on Brock since it's "vintage Orton" as Michael Cole always likes to say. It'd be even more awesome to see Brock get out of it and counter it similar to Punk's brilliant counter here:

    Only difference is, instead of a kick to the kisser, I imagine a hard ass clothesline from Brock's right arm (imagine it the exact same otherwise, except Orton escapes the F=5 instead of the GTS before trying to hit the RKO.) There was a similarly rough clothesline in that first video I posted.
  12. Brock Lesnar sucks m8.
  13. I'd rather see Randy Orton in Ryback's current position as challenger to the title, *holds back from another moan about Ryback off topic*
  14. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
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