Who's Cena's greatest rival?

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  1. Cena has had a good couple of rivalries going during his decade + stint with the E. JBL, Orton, Edge and recently with Punk. But which one has been his greatest foe in your opinion?

    I'm split on the subject. JBL deserves a mention because it was JBL who made Cena a made man in the E and a main eventer. But the Edge rivalry was so long and great. When Cena rose to the top as a face Edge was his nemesis and rose as a bad guy. So it is probably a mix up of the two for me.
    Punk gets the honorable mention but I cannot say it has outranked Edge or JBL for me just yet. Maybe later on but not right now.

    Who was/is Cena's greatest rival in your opinion?
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  2. Edge for sure. I actually have Cena's DVD for whatever reason and probably at least half of the matches on there involve Edge. JBL and Orton are two good ones as well.
  3. The IWC.
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  4. 6th move.
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  5. In terms of his biggest and most historical win over an opponent, The Rock no doubt. That was the moment he proved (kayfabe alert) he belonged in the same category of the all time greats, even above all else that he had already accomplished.

    In terms of hatred, I'd say it's a toss up between Edge and Randy Orton. Both feuds had hatred that ran deep and both involved Cena's dad being attacked but whereas Edge only slapped Cena's father, Orton dragged him over the barrier and punt kicked him, and then later beat on his ass in the ring while Cena was handcuffed and forced to watch. Orton also tried to blow up Cena using the pyro during their boring Iron Man match at Bragging Rights 2009, which should count for something.

    I might give Orton the edge (no pun intended) on bad blood, but the feud with Edge was better and produced better matches and promos. It was really a big highlight of both men's careers and historical as well, as it involved the first ever MITB cash in, Cena's first WWE Title loss, Edge's first WWE Title victory, Edge's first ascension to the main event level, the beginning of Cena's longest reign ever and the second longest WWE Title reign of the past 25 years, etc.
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  6. Objectively, I really think Randy Orton was the greatest rival of Cena. His bad blood with Edge was better, but Cena's best matches was mostly with Orton.

    These matches made me sell my soul to wrestling
  7. Asking me in August of 2013 gets you the answer of Edge.

    Asking me five years from now, I have a feeling I will be saying either Punk or Daniel Bryan. Punk brought out the best/freshest character that Cena had shown in years. It was the Punk feud that made him capable of holding his own against the Rock the second time around on the mic (I know, a bunch of Cena haters will now piss and moan that Cena's mic skills still suck...I offer the evidence of his promos B.P. (before Punk) and A.P. (After Punk)...there is a marked improvement). What became unfortunate was that their match at Wrestlemania 29 was subpar at best, owing mainly to the Rock's injuries.

    I also think that we have yet to see the actual Cena-Bryan feud, which I think we'll get after Wrestlemania XXX. And I think it's going to be epic.