Who's Hotter #2: AJ Lee or Melina?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. AJ Lee

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  2. Melina

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  1. melina deff
  2. Wow, you're not unbiased, picking such a glittery picture to prop up AJ! :jeritroll:

    Voting Melina.
  3. Since Melina slept with everyone.... I have a chance with her!

    Melina for the win!
  4. AJ, I kind of have a thing for Asians

  5. Melina without a shadow of a doubt. AJ might have a chance once she goes through puberty though.

    Also, here's a little Melina gif (couldn't find a video) . . .

  6. She's Asian??? :wtf:
  7. AJ Lee
  8. Source: Wikipedia.

  9. I've just been mind fucked! :shock:

    Vote stays the same.
  10. She's not Asian .... Her parents are from Puerto Rico


    April Jeanette Mendez all the way !
    Change that pic... U are clearly in melina's side.

    April ..:ksi:
  11. Melina, I'm imagining what she really learned that split for :fap:
  12. AJ, however you really could have picked a better photo. Like this one.
    Show Spoiler
  13. If I was 15 I'd pick AJ, but seeing as I'm not, I'd have to go with Melina.
    Her face is somewhat ugly, buy dat bod more than makes up for it :fap:
  14. :haha:. This.
  15. Gotta understand me ! :upset: I'm 16


    I'm with the iPhone so I will upload this

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  16. AJ Lee..

    The face does it for me..

    Melina is damn hot..:datass: But I had some :eww: moments of her too tbh..

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