Who's next?

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  1. *Rodrigo comes out from the crowd*

    As all of you have seen, I havent lost my mic skills. I wont say they are main event level, but are good enough to beat a ¨champion¨.
    I just beat Adam568 It was hard, yeah, but I did it. I have just started my path to MITB. Call it Road to MITB. Be sure that it will be better than any RTWM that this company will ever book.
    I will face anyone who comes out here and asks for a match. Till Catwoman and Jonathan allow me to enter the match for the contract. So... the question is. Who's next?

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  3. Sure. Sorry dude.
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  4. *Jacob comes out from the crowd, mic in hand*

    Yeah, your last match was amazing but it wasn't even worthy for this idiots to watch it. Why would they want to see a jobber like you? I don't want to fight you right now, but be sure that vengeance will be mine. Sooner or later you'll face me for a title and I'll get that title by the end of the match. You won't be able to stop the chaos I'll create and you'll come out here to this ring and say "I was defeated by the best wrestler in this company". Then I'll come here and say "yeah, you lost to me. I'm the champion and you're nothing but the pathetic little girl that you've ever been*
  5. *Rodrigo Laughs*

    The same said your damn partner. Look where he's now. You should go check the doctors. If he's lucky, he will be here next week.
    I've seen your face so many times I now tend to ignore you. It's easier you know. You have always been a pain in the neck. Wheter if you were my partner or not. You were always there, you're a cancer. Everything you touch, you hurt it. You make it worthless. You make it...just like you.
    Congratulations. I've been seeking that belt for so long. But from the first second that belt is around your belt, I dont feel like having a shot.
    I'm pretty sure I would win it, but it has all prestige. Make us a favour. Retire it. Or give it back to someone. Even the girl I hate the most, Victoria, has been a better champ. You shouldnt even called champion.
    This little girl, was the guy who has beat your partner. Who has humillated you. And tbh, I'm not proud of it. I know how it hurts to be humillated in front of million of viewers. I wanna say sorry, from the bottom of my heart. I dont like you, but even AIDS deserves respect.
  6. *Jacob sits on the top turnbuckle*

    You see where I'm sitting. This is where when I fight you I'll be tasting my victory. I'll jump from here and kick you with my 5-Star Swanton Bomb. The referee will start the count "1,2,3". The announcer then will say "here is your winner... JACOB COLTON!". You say I'm like a cancer, that everything I touch I make it worthless. Do you remember when we were friends? I touched you and you're not worthless. You're one of the best wrestlers in this company but you're nothing compared with me. You can ignore me but you won't when I defeat you. My reign has just started and if you have what it takes you'll find a partner and beat me because there's no other way I'll lose this title! You can beat my partner, the fact is that he's the weak link of our partnership. You should know it. And Vicky. If she's so good... Why did you left me and went with her? I know, her blowjobs are the best you can find here... You have never humiliated me because anyone can humiliate me. You should know what I was capable of before but you don't know how strong I've become when you left like the girl you are.

    As I said before, when we were friends. We're no longer friends. We may never in this life will be friends again. Right now I'm in the top of this company and you're just... Well another jobber as I was before. How ironic is it... The former US champion who didn't give a fuck for the midcard when he came back now wants to be there again... Come on, you have everything to win the a title. Well, you have everything but balls to prove why you deserve to be the champion!
  7. Are you at the top of the company? Ha. Ha. Then Mahal is main eventing WM30.

    Jacob, I'm not here to talk to you. Your time will come.

    Until then,

    *Rodrigo hits a superkick*

    Dont mess up with me
  8. *Jacob gets up after a long time laying on the floor*

    I know my time will come sooner or later, it's been a while since I knew it but you better wish that day won't come because God knows what I'll do to you. You'll only be like a zombie when you leave the ring looking at your "fans" who are worthless as you. You can think you will defeat me as much as you want but you won't because you don't know how I am now. My move-set is better than the one I had when I tagged with you. My career is better than yours right now and I'll be in the MITB match too. You better get prepared because you may find you're not-

    *Jacob hits Rodrigo with a Twist of Fate (stunner mode)*

    -even better than the man you're talking to right now. See you soon LOSER! Until that day when we face and beat the hell up each other I'd suggest you to train because it will be the hell in the ring! I respected you, but you're now that kind of guy we both hated. I'll make you change to the man you were before. Well, I'll actually will give you the balls back because you lost them when you left. You were more than a friend for me, and you know why I'm talking in a past tense. It's because you were a friend but you're now my personal whore, the one I'll call every time I want to have fun in the ring and the one I'll dominate inside and outside this stage and in front of this stupid guys!
  9. #LearntoSell
  10. I'm not a soldout and I don't need to sell anything. I did this I don't know why. Oh yeah. I wanted to have one more post lmao
  11. *Baraa music hits to a load of boos and Baraa shows up and enters the ring*

    "You want to know who is next?
    I'll tell you who is next?" *Strikes Rodrigo with the mic*

    *Grabbing the mic again and standing over Rodrigo's body*
  12. Could you guys do it, ill atm
  13. I'm ready whenever you are Rod.
  14. Tomorrow 2 am here fuckin Jonathan doesnt set it up
  15. I'll be waiting :bury:
  16. *Goldberg chants*

  17. Jonathan asked you guys to set it up yourselves since he wasn't feeling well. Just set up the thread and if you need help tomorrow with adding a poll, let me know and I'll walk you through it.
  18. The WWE Champion as the special guest referee. :yay:
  19. Why would you walk through it?