OOC Who's Promos Are The Hardest To Counter?

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  1. Basically, which guy or gal that you've faced have made it really hard for you to give back a good counter promo?

    From personal experience, I'd have to say Gav The Chav and Aids. Gav, because no matter what you say, he don't give a shit and will just insult the hell out of you lol. And Aids, because he can play, both, a great heel and a great face.
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  2. Stopspot defends himself really well. I really am looking forward to the tag match, i think all 4 of those guys are great at countering.
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  3. Awwwwww.

    Not sure really. Haven't had much trouble countering IMO, but I also have only had a handful of matches.
  4. Aids for sure, while I was trying to go full blown heel in our second match he basically turned me into more of a face hahah.
  5. Gohan cause he no sells and summers everyone.
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  6. Gohan since I don't know if I am writing against Nano or him...:notsure:
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  7. Stop is definitely one of the hardest
  8. :yes: am I really that hard to counter lol

    I think @TheOvalhead new character is pretty hard to counter I didn't find @Stopspot that hard to counter when we had that little thing going until he left
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  9. Gav is a pussy Id wreck the cheeky **** proper I tell ya
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  10. Dolph's fucking Ziggler.

    How can you insult someone who spends their 1st promo complimenting you?
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  11. Fucking Bumpin this Shit but before Jono's closes this for unknown reasons i'd give my own opinion

    THG, Why? Because he's THG the holy mother fucker of IWT he's gonna win no matter what, at least until...:sad1:
    Aids Johnson and Dat Kid Super Team Aftermath To THG? (open)
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  12. I was actually impressed with @Ed! and surprised I got a victory over him. He's demented persona made it extremely unpredictable and it wasn't an easy win.

    Someone else who I versed, Dazzle also makes things extremely difficult and I would be lying if I said i didn't learn alot from them writing wise. they have really helped me with writing scenarios and thanks to them I've improved alot more.

    So those are my picks. :) Great guys!
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  13. Can't get a Dazzle mathc becuase...i don't know why. Ed also seems like an Ass, nothing personal, just my pereception
  14. Good perception
  15. Thanks
  16. Aids because I like to kiss his ass.
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  17. hey girl hey
  18. Ed's a pussycat, easy to beat
  19. Hahahahahaha [​IMG]
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