Who's the better musician?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Arrow, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Rock

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  2. Cena

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  1. The WWE Universe has already determined the winner, yes, but I want to hear your feedback to either segment.
    Will it be....

    The doctor of Thunganomics?


    The Brahma Bull?

    Feedback would be nice :D
  2. Neither are good musicians. Cena's rapping is horrible if judged as music as is Rock's singing but as a promo Rock's concerts are always entertaining.
  3. Cena has a few good songs actually on his albums.
  4. Rap is better. (It's smoke... trust me on this one.)

  5. What made me laugh more? - Rocks
    What made me mark more? - Cena's
    What benefited the feud more? - Cena's

    Cena gets my vote.
  6. What a weird question. Cena didn't really rap in any serious matter on Raw, and Rock wasn't trying to be a good musician, just having fun insulting Cena while singing.
  7. They both fucks sucks
  8. It's basically a "Who did you prefer" thread.

  9. Dolph Ziggler is absolutely attrocious.
  11. Cena if he did it longer.