Who's the biggest WWE superstar of all time?

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  1. I've watched the Stone Cold Steve Austin documentary where Vince McMahon calls Austin the biggest WWE Superstar of all time. I've also heard some people say it's The Rock.

    So, who do you think is the GOAT?

    This is a tough one for me.

    Austin in the Attitude Era was untouched by anyone. His theme song is the best IMO, The Rock's is not far behind. Both give me chills whenver they come out to the ring.

    I would have to go with Austin. He, along with HBK and The Rock (rising superstar then) carried the WWE at a time when they were getting killed in the ratings war with Ted Turner and WCW. If the Rock didn't leave for 7 years to make movies, I would pick him.

  2. Cult of Personality>Stone Colds theme

    As for the biggest star of all time from the WWE, it's Hulk Hogan. Hogan was a main part of the reason WWE got popular back in the days AND why WWE were losing the ratings war at first.
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    This is a tricky question. Austin saved the company in the attitude era. but Hogan was the man who made it a success in the first place.
  4. True, you can throw the Hulkster into the comparo as well.

    Such a shame he's not associated with the WWE anymore.
  5. I would say it has to come down to 4 guys...
    The Rock, John Cena, Hulk Hogan & Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    The Rock : The new wrestling fans would consider him the biggest of all. Everyone knows who he is and what he does. He also made it on the big screen, quite well I may add.
    John Cena : Definitely the leader in merch sales. He sells more stuff then any other wrestler every year & brought way more kid fans into the wwe.
    Hulk Hogan : He is a classic, though to the younger/newer fans of wrestling, he is not much of anyone. Most people know who he is though.
    Stone Cold : To me, was probably the leading man for adults & the attitude era.

    I feel all four of them are the biggest for different reasons, but over all... Even though I don't like him... The Rock is probably the most popular because he made wrestling more mainstream, drew crowds & made it into really high selling movies. I don't know anyone who doesn't know who he is.
  6. I prefer Austin before Hogan tbh, Austin saved the company and without Hogan WWE may haven't get through the atitude era but Austin did what no other did before, that's why I pick Austin. About Rocky... I don't think he's the biggest WWE superstar of all times, he's the most famous because of his films but not the biggest wrestler...
  7. I agree. That's why I said if he didn't leave the WWE for 7 years to make movies, he might have topped the list IMHO.
  8. It has to be Hogan. Brought WWF into the mainstream, brought WCW into the mainstream. Was on top of the wrestling world for 20+ years. Austins run at the top didn't even reach a decade. Without a shadow of a doubt Hogan in the GOAT.
  9. I still remember the Attitude era like it was yesterday. I have 5 brothers and we would literally watch every PPV from both WWF and WCW. We would cut out fake belts out of cardboard and then wrap them with tinfoil. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Those were the days. One of the things on my bucketlist is to attend Wrestlemania one day. It would be doable if they stop making them on the East Coast.
  10. Without a doubt, wrestling's biggest icon ever has to be Hulk Hogan. But since you said WWE only, I have to leave out how he helped WCW to their biggest run ever and set a few records there, how he was the leader of the most marketable heel group ever known as the NWO, how he was a top attraction everywhere he went (WWF, WCW, AWA, NJPW), how he got some of the strongest crowd reactions ever on BOTH sides of the fence (the fans loved him so much in the AWA that they nearly rioted when he didn't win the title, and he made the fans hate him so much in WCW that they belted the ring with garbage on a nightly basis), etc.

    Ok, I'll just stick with the WWE.

    He was the one the WWF was built on when it decided to go national. He was the one who helped make the WWF into a strong brand name. He was the one in the main event of what is said to still be the most iconic event ever in wrestling, which is Wrestlemania 3, an event that also drew the largest North American wrestling crowd ever (93,173). He was the one who drew the biggest rating ever in North American wrestling history (33 million people in February of '88.) He got the loudest and longest ovation at the Hall Of Fame ceremony as I recall it. He's the one name every knows, wrestling fans or not.

    Several wrestling legends also have had their biggest career moments (or one of them) when they were in the ring with Hogan. Andre is a legend and his most memorable and replayed moment is getting body slammed at Wrestlemania 3 by Hogan. Roddy Piper was drawing nuclear heat with his feud with Hogan, which was at the center of the original Wrestlemania main event. (WCW was not ashamed to exploit this feud in WCW, as it was what Starrcade 1996 was centered around and was WCW's biggest PPV buy rate ever until Starrcade 1997 a year later.) Paul Orndorff was also in the main event of the first WM with Hogan, and also had what was a shocking heel turn back then when he turned on Hogan. The two of them went on to break attendance records in the summer of 1986, drawing 74,000 plus for The Big Event, a number larger than anything Austin ever drew at his peak. Randy Savage's drawing power was at it's strongest when he played the heel during The Mega Powers break up angle in 1989, with Wrestlemania 5 doing a huge buy rate for back then, and also setting financial records for the company that were not broken for several years. Ultimate Warrior's biggest career moment? Holding up both the World and IC Titles after being the first man to defeat Hogan cleanly since his Hulkamania run began in 1984.

    If you want to talk about WCW, Sting's drawing power was its most intense when he feuded with Hogan and the NWO. Goldberg was the one big star they made during that period (he was as hot as Austin and Rock were at his peak) and his biggest moment was defeating Hogan in front of the largest Nitro crowd ever, doing one of the biggest rated segments ever during the Monday Night Wars.

    As for Austin saving a dying company, Hogan's popularity was so intense that he could have easily done the same thing if the company was in that dire of shape when he became hot. Vince poured every dollar he had into the first Wrestlemania and then some and has said many times since then that if it hadn't been the success that it was, he would have gone out of business. And Hogan was a huge part of what made it a success. I'd have to believe this is a similar claim to helping a company stay afloat as the one Austin can make. Hogan went on to help establish Wrestlemania as a household name and a spectacular event (especially with the iconic Wrestlemania 3) for almost the next decade.
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