Storyline Who's The Real Friend Of Aiden Ryan?

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  1. Location: Money In The Bank.

    Pain is seen tying his shoes in the general locker room as he gets ready to go home.
    He gets up and looks at the TV and shakes his head when he realizes Aiden didn't win the match. He throws a hoody on and gets ready to greet Aiden when he gets back.
    He is seen walking down the hallway when he sees BK storming down calling him, Pain looks puzzled but manage to answer
    "BK, sup man?"
    "First off don't call me BK i had a bad Experience with that nickname in the past secondly i just saw your little interview and Mooning is a art? seriously? Aiden has been acting really strange the last couple of weeks and you are talking about mooning as a art?
    "Come on B, well Kid. You're taking all this to damn seriously, you brits have no idea of having fun. So Aiden is having a bit of fun, let him, he's had a tough year and he's blowing off some steam." he smirks then shrugs "I don't see why you're trying to judge what he's doing, the guy is having a blast, isn't that what matters?".
    He grabs a bottle of water "Kid, what can I say? I don't think he did anything wrong, simple as that"
    "Fun? he looks like a god damn goth! listen all i am trying to say is There is a line between Fun and doing crazy stuff.i dont and i know you dont want him to be the same guy he was when he was feuding with Reagan but where i am standing thats where he is going i mean he changed his theme back for crying out loud!
    and you dont see anything weird at all?"

    Aiden Ryan is shown on the screen as he enters into the frame, the two stop bickering as Aiden looks at them.
    "Even though I lost in that Money In The Bank Ladder match, I still proved my marking and i still proved that i can hang with the big boys and hand them their balls out of our GM's purse. Now granted I didn't win a briefcase but that does not mean we can not go out and celebrate such an amazing night for the X division. Let's find the nearest bar and have one hell of a night."
    Aiden smiles as Pain nods and The British kid stands there as Pain And Aiden walk up the hallway.
    Stopping Aiden looks back at The British Kid, knowing how naive Aiden is he doesn't realise that The British kid is disapproving of Aiden's drinking habits.
    He walks back and pulls The British kid by his arm.
    "It'll be fun, I promise!"
    Aiden perks as the three walk up the walkway with the camera slowly fading to the next match.

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