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  1. The arena suddenly drops to black as a spot light hits the top of the entrance ramp.

    Out walks Kenny Omega in his black trench coat, gloves and glasses, with a cigarette already lit in his mouth. Kenny stands on top of the stage for a moment, before marching down to the ring with his coat flying behind him. He grabs a mic and steps over the ropes. He drops the cigarette and stomps on it, while exhaling the smoke.

    "IWT. I have just signed my contact here."
    Said Kenny egotistically as the crowd erupted into a cheer, welcoming this new star.

    "Now that Kenny Omega is an IWT Superstar, I want to get something off my chest. See Kenny came to IWT because he saw one thing in his future. The IWT championship. Kenny is here to take that damn belt and anyone else who is after it. I am here for a reason. I could not care who you are or what you are doing. Let it be known, that I am bringing a whole now path of pain into IWT, until I become your champion. So if anyone has got the idea of taking that belt away from me, you can come down right now, and I will show you what will happen."

    Kenny dropped the mic as he taunted someone to come out and challenge him.

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  2. Good job, Tumbas.
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    ***The arena fades to black and then red lights start flashing!***

    ***Out comes Prince Bálor wearing a black jacket, black trunks and black boots for beating fools. He stands on the top of the stage, feeling this is where he belongs, grabs a mic and says...***

    "Let me introduce myself, 'cause you may have not heard of me yet. But, I honestly couldn't care less. I am the IWT's newest signing.
    My name is Prince Bálor, and I'm here simply because I'm the future!"
    ***Says it arrogantly and with a smug on his face.***

    "Now, on to you, Kenny. What makes you think you can just waltz into the IWT title picture? Do you really think you're THAT good? You're acting like there's no competition 'round here? Well, you're wrong.
    First off, I bet you're all talk.

    Second, I know I'm better than you and everybody else. I'll prove it to you. Talk is cheap and has never been my forte, but one thing, however, is my forte. And that is FIGHTING. Now, let's cut through all the BS. Are you up for a fight or not? I guaran-damn-tee it you'll fail at capturing the IWT title. Because I'm your road block and I'm the best 'round here."

    ***Bálor drops the mic and awaits Kenny's answer... As the crowd starts chanting FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT. ***
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  4. Omega vs. Balor, huh.
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  5. Not the most original names, but I'm down for anything.

    Good debut promo, maybe another one to establish your character and your alignment. You two would be a good mid-card match at our upcoming show.
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  6. @Tumbas you have until October 19th to respond or you won't be booked. We're running out of time.
  7. Omega kept a straight face as he stood in the ring listening to Balor speak. Omega then slowly reached up for his shades and held them for a second, before yanking them off as he stared at Balor like a mad man.

    "If it's a fight you want, then it is not one you are going to get..."

    The crowd boo's filled the arena

    "What you will get, is a butchering! When I Kenny Omega knock you out and pin you like the joke you are. If you want to go toe to toe with me, then bring your A-game! People of IWT will see when I! Obliterate Balor like the chump he is! Let's make it a date, just don't be late."

    With that Omega slipped his shades back on and puffed up his trench coat collars.