Football Who's your favorite football (european) player?

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  1. My two favorites are Toni Kroos and Adel Taarabt.


    inb4 Crayo comes in and names every Man U player
  2. [​IMG]

    Sergio Ramos #4.

    Since 2005...

    Even grew my hair out because of him.
  3. Messi I adore and Reda Johnson (you won't know him but he plays for the team I support and looks wiling to run through a brick wall for us, plus he took a pic with my mates younger brother at forest away even though he was injured and probably shouldn't have stayed as long as he did. Always respect players who have time for their fans.
  4. I've heard of the club, not the player however.
  5. Quality:

    - Messi
    - Ronaldo
    - Neymar
    - Iniesta
    - Ramos
    - Isco
    - Silva
    - RVP
    - Rooney


    - Messi
    - Javier Hernandez
    - RVP
    - Scholes
    - Neymar
    - Anderson
    - Rafael
    - Valencia
    - Bale
    - Balotelli
  6. I love me some Bale... :cornette:

    And how about that Chicharito
  7. Shit remove Bale from generally list and put in quality. He's a diver.

    There's so many more I can mention.

    > More or less all of the Dortmund team
    > More or less all of the Spanish team/footballers anywhere
    > So many players in Liga Du Brasil like Gatsu, Lucas, Ronaldoinho, Danilo, Paulinho etc.
  8. CR7, that is all.
  9. Lionel Messi because that's the only player we see highlights of in the states
  10. Show Spoiler


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  11. That's disgusting.
  12. Savage is a proper bell but you probably love him when he plays for you.
  13. Mario Mandzukic.
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  14. Behave he's awesome.

    He's never played for City, or do you mean fans of the clubs he's played at?
  15. Has he played for Leeds? Yes I've seen your twitter picture of you wearing a Leeds shirt as a youngster :pity1:
  16. Re: RE: Who's your favorite football (european) player?

    Fans of the clubs he's played for, most despise him but his clubs tend to like him expect Leicester for the way he walked out. He's similar to Neville imo, hated by all but man u fans.
  17. Before he became a pundit, everyone loves Neville now, even Liverpool fans.
  18. Saw him on Dancing With The Stars. :otunga:

  19. Re: RE: Who's your favorite football (european) player?

    Yeah but you get what I mean, right?
  20. Yeah definitely. Every club has a player like that.
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