Storyline Why Alias Why?

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  1. *The scene opens up with a back shot of a tumultuous Alias Antonio vigorously walking down the hallway with his WHC. As the camera men approach him, he abruptly stops and raises his finger.*

    I hear.....something. I hear something writhing and worming behind me, something very irksome. Something bothersome that I see......everywhere. It isn't Joey Bryant's self-exaltation is it?

    *Alias swiftly turns around and stares daggers into the camera man*

    That's right, it isn't. His self-exaltation is long gone. It's in a big red box....also known as the alarming ambulance where Joey's body is disposed at right now.

    *Alias takes a break and smirks*

    He had it coming to him, man. How could any of you not see this coming from a mile away? How could any of you not pester me with the constant claims that I was soon to stab my partners back? How was it not evident?

    *Alias shakes his head*

    Joey Bryant. Joey Bryant always took delight in contriving a false sense of vanity and haughtiness. A false sense of pride that will ultimately lead him to his demise. And it must run within the weak, because tonight, the crowd....created a false sense of empathy and compassion for that very man who couldn't give a care in the world for you.

    Joey lives his life day-by-day, and while sometimes it could prove beneficial, tonight it clearly did not. It cost him. Because I am a man who thinks outside the box, I am a man who has one foot infront of the rest, which is why no one can see me coming. I will not play second-fiddle to anyone, especially to a man I've beaten before.

    But who am I kidding? None of you care about any this blabber, it doesn't disclose the reason behind my actions, does it?

    The million dollar question is, Why Alias Why?

    And the answer?

    Alias Antonio is the true world champion of this company.

    I constructed the second generation.....and I will destroy it.

    *Alias stares at his title, before walking back and out of the scene*
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