Why are women so forward in trying to snap up a lad off the market

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Idiot #1, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. When I am down the boozer I get women trying to snap me up off the market. It is clear they fancy a kneetrembler of me

    But why do they have to be so forward. You are there, trying to tell people about the idiotsyncrcies of John Cena, or why having a career is friverlous and they should be listening to NIN, when you get a women shaking her arse in your crocth

    whats that all about lads

    its too forward and intimidating. i usually run to the bathroom as it takes you by surprise. it happens often to me, sometimes other people notice. I know its due to my bigger build and rugged look.

    why cant women just come up and ask me my name, or why I have such a bigger built physique.

    whats the crack lads
  2. Why are you starting threads that just repeat everything you've already said numerous times?

    At least have the decency to get some new material.
  3. same old shit! same old shit! same old shit!
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  4. just wanted some opinions as to why women are so forceful in comming on to lads
  5. skinny little shit
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  6. You are boring. Either come up with some new material of STFU.
  7. i am not here to entertain you lad

    stic to the subject, why are women so aggressive in coming onto lads
  8. I'm not a lad, you absolute cretin.
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  9. same old shit! same old shit!
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  10. wheres the proof

    i could say i am emma watson
  11. same old shit! same old shit!
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  12. Firstly, I don't need to prove shit to you.
    Secondly, It's not difficult to gain said proof.

    We all know you aren't Emma Watson- you're some over compensating little loser that has to troll forums to have fun.
  13. no need for personal insults
  14. stfu you opie dead eyed piece of shit!
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  15. We all know it's the truth though.
  16. any proof

    just presenting a talking point to the forum. are you one of these female fans who dress like jeff hardy
  17. same old shit! same old shit! same old shit!
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  18. No I don't dress like Jeff Hardy, I doubt many female fans do either. As always, it's one of your silly skewed views.
  19. the ling on your profile says otherwise love
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  20. Sure.