Why are you a fan?

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  1. What caused you to become a fan of professional wrestling?

    For me, I can't remember a time that I was not a fan and this is because of my dad. He was a fan since he was a kid and he always had wrestling on when I was a kid. We watched Saturday Night's Main Event, Superstars of Wrestling and then Raw when that was created. Had my dad not liked wrestling, and had he not been a single parent raising me, I may not be here with you all talking in this thread.

    Share your stories? :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. I started out liking it because of the wrestler's theme songs since I always played the old school video games such as, WWF Warzone, WWF Attitude, WWF Wrestlemania 2000, and WWF No Mercy. I also was making tons of characters, so I partly got into the wrestling too. I stopped wwwatching wrestling at age 4-8 though since my mom didn't like the stuff that was there( X-pac's cross chops, divas almost naked, and all the cussing) but I still watched it with my uncle or my dad at times. Eventually I started watching it myself starting at 2006 since my mom didn't care anymore. I watched it up until 2010 because of me being busy when wrestling came on, and I didn't have internet. at the end of 2011 I started watching again, and when I got a laptop I started making up old times by watching tons of videos. Despite my mom against me wathing it, she let me play the video games, I have plated outside the ones I mentioned are, Smackdown 2, Smackdown 3, ECW: HArdcore Revolution, WCW vs NWO, Smackdown vs. Raw 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. I also played others, but can't remember them. Watching wrestling is fun to me because of the feuds and the actual wrestling in it.
  3. I can see why your mom wouldn't like the suck it and half naked women. XD I'm glad you stuck with it despite some obstacles. :smile:
  4. Kane with his demonic crap didn't make it any easier a few years ago either, she thought WWE was going to make me evil and almost made me stop watching it if it wasn't for the fact she forgets stuff easily :facepalm1:
  5. Haha. Luckily, my dad had me young and is pretty chill, and also doesn't have a women breathing down his neck so I was allowed to watch and play a lot of things that were out of my age range XD

    :win: forgetfulness!
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  6. BECAUSE OF KANE!!!!!!!!!
  7. Well a couple of years ago I turned on the channel and watched a divas match and got bored and didn't watch it until later this year. I mostly watched it because my mates were talking about it and I thought, lets watch it to see if it has changed and then I found that the divas only have like one match each show so I got in to it and yeh.
  8. My brother. Blame it all to my brother. :emoji_slight_smile:)
  9. Because of Triple H, he was the real reason I got into watching Wrestling. Back around 1999, He just used to woop everyones ass, and also the likes of Stone Cold, and The Rock, who were just so entertaining.
  10. It started in 2006. TNA was on television here in Holland when I came home from school. I'd watch it every day 'till it wasn't televised anymore. So in 2007, I bought SvR 2007. Damn, such an epic game. Took it with me on vacation, played it all the time over there. And when I got home, I just checked out WWE.com where they used to have video's from matches from the shows.

    Also, I loved this so much, also a part of that got me into it. The agression, music an the entertainment.

  11. I love that intro, it's got to be the best I think.
  12. Yeah it is imo. Compared to the this, the current ones are weak..

    Love that song.
  13. Up until Summer 2011 I was a casual at best, maybe not even that. During that summer I had a couple of weeks where I did nothing, no work at the time, no summer courses at the University since I had done all the work needed and my parents where off on a road trip so I couldn't go home to visit them. I knew of wrestling from before and had seen a couple of matches but not really followed it. I was watching TV one night and saw the international version of Smackdown (the one where they cut out a lot of promos and only show the matches.) I knew that there was a lot of talking in wrestling as well and was interested in seeing the promos they referenced to and decided to download a couple of episodes. The rest is history.
  14. Well I am glad that you gave it a second chance :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:


    Cute! :emoji_slight_smile:


    That was a really awesome time in WWE. Good time to start tuning in for sure!


    haha awesome! It surprises me that people buy the game without liking the show originally but your not the first to say you did!


    Awesome. And they don't show you the promos on TV? That must be so boring :emoji_slight_frown:
  15. They aired RAWs matches followed directly by Smackdowns matches so I got a two hour block of just wrestling matches. Still separated into two shows. Key word aired. They no longer show it over here. Wrestling tends to go in periods in Sweden.
  16. I see. I'm glad that they post the episodes on Youtube then!
  17. Haha. I thought it was TNA but I was wrong. It turned out even better! :win:
  18. for US citizens only.
  19. Seriously??? That is so ridiculous.
  20. Thank god for livestreams and the internet. there is always a way to watch something if you want.