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  1. WWE World champion Alberto Del Rio's father, the legendary Dos Caras, was in attendance at last night's Royal Rumble PPV.
    Tool guitarist Adam Jones was also at the show and before the PPV went on the air, proposed to his fiance in a moment that was broadcast on the Titantron in the venue. Thankfully for him, she said yes!

    MMAFighting.com featured a video of UFC President Dana White from over the weekend, noting that at one point, he was negotiating for Brock Lesnar to return for one final fight against Fedor Emelianenko, but it didn't happen. White also noted that when he claimed a meeting with Lesnar went awful last year, it was actually a great meeting over putting that fight together, so he was trying to throw the media off the story. Obviously, it doesn't matter now since Lesnar is locked in for a new 2 year WWE deal (as we broke yesterday) but it's an interesting look into what could have been.

  2. Glad that Lesnar didn't sign with UFC again.
  3. Good news.
    On another note, what's with you writing the title in all caps?
  4. Quick note here.

    Please don't post multiple news in the same thread unless they are on the same subject. Instead split them into multiple threads so that it is easier to put them in their correct section.
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  7. The point is he posted a news post with two subjects. Bork Laser and Dos Caras. He could have instead made one thread for Dos Caras and one for Brock.
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  9. The point is what the fuck did edge say about ddp, its not there.
  10. Yeah Edge, wtf are you doing talking about my boy Dallas?
  11. Just that he'll be on his radio tomorrow.

  12. Brock has a death wish going back to UFC his health cant handle the fighting in UFC thank god he didnt do this fight