Why did they strip Dirty Heels vs Bad Influence from us?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. I think the general reaction of TNA fans was :fap: when we realised we were going to get Aries & Roode vs Bad Influence. Why then did TNA decide a week later to strip Bad Influence from their chance at the title and give us Team Stereotypicos? I just don't see the logic behind it personally. They're booking these guys so strong when no one at all cares about them.

  2. Perhaps it's a case of baiting us. Playing hard to get so to speak. Keep teasing their matchup for a while to make us salivate, then finally let us blow our load at the next PPV or big live show.
  3. What Perfect said, this feud needs a bit more to it yet. It'll be dope but a random attack starting it doesn't really fit. Let A Double begin to break away from Bobby as they just retain against Chavo and Shawn before they tease a break up then the feud starts.
  4. Let Aries and Roode bury these idiots and get us really ready for the match we all want to see, because you have to prepare your body for this kind of awesomeness...
  5. Well, I'll be optimistic and say that they're saving it for a while later.
  6. I think the spoilers (yes, I read them this time) are saying that we'll see this match/feud in the near future.

    Chavo & Shaun winning was for the greater purpose that will be revealed next week, and will happen on 4/11. I've never been so optimistic about a Chavo & Shaun win before. :mog: