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  1. Fresh after a commercial break, the camera pans over to a locker room. The cameraman walks in and Nick sits there, his head down. He looks up and glares at the cameraman.

    "What do you want?"

    An interviewer walks in front of the camera.

    "Well, we were wondering, what just happened out there?"

    Nick laughs and looks at the interviewer. "Well, I just beat the living hell out of Jacob Colton."

    "Umm... well why?"

    Nick stands up.

    "Why? Look around you man! Wake up! This place is a total wreck nowadays. There are so many things wrong with this god forsaken place and yet nobody bats an eye! You people can't just carry on watching as this place just gradually worsens. I apologize to Colton but he had to be the first victim. He had to be the first victim of the new beginning for IWT. Myself, Cactus Jack and DK James are tired of the way things are being run around here. While everybody was mourning about the departures of all the nominal "legends" of IWT I was training and working because I didn't see this as a bad thing to happen to the IWT. I saw it as a good thing. It's a good thing because look at all the opportunities for the new guys like myself! But no, Jonathan has to go and royally fuck everything up like always."

    He kicks over a trash can andd looks back at the interviewer.

    "That guy can't do anything right! And uprising cancelled? HE blames all these things but really it's just him and his stupid ass self ruining everything! He's way worse than Dat Kid, and that's reallly saying something. Dat Kid only did one good thing in his entire run as commisioner and that was signing me. I was actually happy that he waas gone because I thought Jonathan could really change things around here. Oh boy did he change things - he changed things for the worse!"

    "And don't you think I like Adam or Joey, because I hate both of them! I'll say it to you and say it to their faces! They aren't anywhere near as talented as myself and I'm sure they know it. I'm only with them because we have one common goal. We had to set our differences aside because we are trying to make things better. If I had to beat one of them down, I'd do it without any hesitation. But that can wait. For now, we have to focus on one thing and one thing only! And that's saving this place. If burning it to the ground will save it, then we'll do it. We'll do anything to fix the IWT. The entire roster has been put on notice. You've all been warned from Aids Johnson to the janitors! You've been warned. Now get out!"

    Nick throws the camera to the ground
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  2. *A Camerman catches Aids in the champions locker room (he shares a locker room with Senhor, Aids demanded it be called the relevant champions locker room, but settled for it being assumed instead of necessary to post. It's mostly just Aids taking shots at senhors wife and Senhor :pity1: facing Aids. Sometimes he laughs.

    Cameraman: Aids have you heard the news about Nick joining up with DKJames, and Adam? Do you have any thoughts?

    Aids: You have to be kidding me, i told you not to bother with things that dont effect the champion. If Jonathan wants to burn this place to the ground, it's his

    Cameraman: No, the Crusade has assumed to have gained members, and have said a warning is out for all superstars, your name was first.

    Aids: *Laughs* Nick was in the championship tournament, he should have put himself on notice of failure after his loss. It's always a shame to have to laugh and speak about things that might not even happen. We have no card for 20 more days, before *hopefully* Jonathan doesnt fail again. Let's get through that trash, and then we can let the Cure or some other random group deal with the midcard. The way i see things, Jonathan got me out of my only real match left in IWT. If Victoria Parker jumps ship, all i hate to do is destroy Senhor again, and there is no competition. DKJames i didnt forget you, im going to run through you because that's what i do. Hey hey hey.

    *Aids turns and points out the door, chatting to the people around him to "Get the **** out of his personal space." The camera fades as they walk out.

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  3. OOC: I ashley beat up Colton not joined him
  4. *the cameraman then turns to Senhor and asks:*

    How's it like sharing this space with your nemesis/former friend/competition?

    Senhor: well, it's Ashley no too bad. He tries to be funny, usually fails, then mutters something about relevance or irrelevance, and we go about our business. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that SOB loves to meat gaze.....if you catch my drift. Poor bastard must be into me, or isn't working with much. I always wondered why those women he always brought back here called him Lil' Aids. Now I know.....
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  5. Random guy walks by "Just have sex already!"
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  6. *Aids walks behind senhor and back past the camera, just in a towel. He hits the camera with a wink and puts his hand on senhors shoulder.

    Ladies. The champ is here. Not you, Senhor.

    *Aids laughs as Senhor throws out the :pity1: and the random guy who yelled to "just have sex" lets himself out of the locker he was just hiding in.
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  7. OOC: the Crusade now is Rodrigo and myself. Adam left us so it's just our tag team name. And his new group's name is the Alliance, Aids. The Crusade has no new members.
  8. OOC: It's honestly all the same to me. Ill try to keep on point with all these changes and comings and goings from week to week.
  9. OOC: I know it's the same to you, it's the same to me because the Alliance and the Cure have the same goal, but nevermind. A tag team isn't a stable or trio!
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