Why do heel's get buried alot?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by wrestlingphenom, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. I don't know if people have been noticing this. But too me, it seems like heels are buried lot. Look at cesaro, he seems to have only won squash matches and loses them as well. Also, sandow and chody Rhodes seemed to be buried in the tag and middle card divisions, probably the same case with Wade Barrett. I don't get it, suddenly they push sandow, such things don't do anything for his push. Cena-henry doesn't count, ryback-cena doesn't count, but other times, they do seem to get buried. This is why heels can't be heel's, heels hardly win matches clean.
  2. It's what's best for bizz-a-ness.:kiss:
  3. Well, good guys always come out on top. But yeah, WWE can't book a decent heel worth shit anymore nowadays.
  4. Heels they don't care about get buried on for the cheap filler segments, but I don't think CM Punk was buried at all during his heel reign as champion. Mark Henry doesn't get buried either (although he lost clean at the PPV - not a bury). I'm pretty satisfied with how WWE book their top heels.
  5. Good guys are supposed to come out on top, but that only works if the heel looks dangerous and despicable.
    WWE gives us weekly house show booking (thanks for that one, Dolph's) where they try to make sure the crowd goes home happy.

    But it's not as big a deal since we see plenty pushes come out of left field and attempt to be credible without winning (like we expected from Barrett's return), and we see guys jobbing (like Orton-Bryan) looking better than when they win (like Orton-ADR). It's not like there isn't hope for those guys.
  6. People need to stop using the term "buried", seriously. Everyone's fucking "buried" apparently.

    I do agree that WWE tends to book most heels like shit (typical 'chicken shit') but I wouldn't say that means they're being "buried".
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  7. It's because they aren't considered draws...for the life of me I just consider it a bias.

    When Rock and Triple H were dueling it out 2000, who was considered the only draw that year??... it was Rocky

    Despite the championship going back and forth Triple H was and has never received just due (by and large) for creating such a buzz in the latter part of the AE

    HHH was treated fairly enough on screen, but it wasn't enough to change the stereotype that heels can be the focal point or draw for the company
  8. I always found it funny that face Punk could beat anyone clean, but heel Punk can't beat anuone without the help of Heyman/Mattox/The Shield.
  9. Good point. WWE should get their shit together and have Punk job continuously. :obama:
  10. deth pls. y u do dis
  11. Because the bad guys dont have the heart to stick with it and win the tough ones... the good guys have the heart of a champion, and the crown behind them, giving them the will to win....

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