Why does Cameron have a job in WWE???

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  1. Remember that embaressing moment on tough enough with Austin asking her favourite match and she answered Melina vs Alicia Fox and I seached you tube and found it and I just cant believe shes now on the main roster in WWE WTF why does she have a job in WWE when she knows fuck all about the company

  2. Cause she gives great BJ's.
  3. She has a decent ass to dance with Clay, dats it.
  4. Because when World Wrestling Entertainment officials asked her if she wanted to work for World Wrestling Entertainment she accepted, so thus she signed a contract and they hired her to be a World Wrestling Entertainment Diva for them. Now she gets a good paycheck, tours, and does other stuff for the World Wrestling Entertainment. I assume that's why she has a contract, because she signed it since most likely Vince McMahon(Owner of World Wrestling Entertainment) gave her the contract and like a smart person she accepted it.
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  5. Booty :Steiner:
  6. Most likely, yeah.
  7. because :datass:
  8. Cause the kids love her sexy black ass.
  9. Which is the same reason Kelly Kelly had a job