Promos Why Green and Gold are Sir Lee's favourite colours!!

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    *Sir Lee is stood inside a bank, wearing his signature blue suiting*

    Sir Lee: Sometimes, ideas can be ignited via the most insane and idiotic of ways..... This time, it was when a illiterate 12 year old peasant decided to tweet me asking what my favourite colour was....And then it hit me!!

    Green and gold are the best colours there are, I didn't realise but it's obvious.

    Green is the colour of cash notes, the substance we give to cashiers when buying our goods, the goods which corporations make millions and millions from, just the thought of these profits being made.....As FTJ would say "resizes me"

    *Sir Lee Makes a Jim Halpert face*

    Sir Lee: Gold is the greatest bar you can ever have, forget your Hershey bars you fat virgin marks! Gold is the bar that gives you the key to greatness....

    And best of all.... Gold is the material of our glorious IWT and PWGP belts....Which everyone wants they slimey mitts on......

    You know the championship I want my "slimey mitts" on? The Inter....Continental Championship! It lacks consistency, and even when it was consistent it was terribly inactive....And that's why Senhor still hasn't had his rematch!! So while I elevate his cute little new franchise, I'm going to be taking the belt that he was once cherished. I will be taking from a man that is Unknown. But he was taking wasn't he? Who knows his future, he could be dead. Personally, they should their losses just give the belt to me! But I like to work for what I get, unlike the working class that leech off of our economical system, leaving it decayed and bruised!

    And when I finally win the title, I will win the RR, I won't even give the wrestlers like Duggan, who is essentially the "Dog poop stuck to your shoe" of the IWT, any mercy.... Then, I will go into WM and DEFEAT THE CHAMPION of the IWT! WITH MY HEART UNBROKEN AND MY BRAIN FILLED TO BRIM WITH KNOWLEDGE!!

    Throw me an Aids, good or bad, throw me a Victoria, Still insane or otherwise, throw me a Bryant, Main eventer or being butt buddies with his friend. Bottom line is, I'm starting a starting a rampage, think of it like when Britian's own Columbus found America and genocided those dirly little native Indians!!

    Oh and Danny, can't wait for our match coming up soon. And don't worry, If you're worried about being rusty in the ring, I'm going to be beating the rust of you regardless!!

    *Sir Lee lets off a sinister chuckle before waltzing off!!*
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  2. I can't do anything but laugh. We wanted a match against each other nearly a week ago and nothing happened. Good promo though, and good luck.
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  3. Ooc loving the new character oval maybe our paths will cross again one day
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