Why Halloween Sucks

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  1. People are always saying why it is great, why not have a thread why it sucks?
    List off some of the reasons.

    For me, I don't like the idea of spending money on something I will only wear once. That and giving candy to kids just for walking up to your door? Most of the time they don't even say thank you anymore. They just look snobbishly at your hands giving them their junk fix while the parents remind them over and over again to say thank you because they don't know the meaning. A bit of a vent. Not a fan of kids. lol
  2. But for us adults, in the end, it's a holiday to make guys even more aware of boobs. No complaints!
  3. :henry:

    I am going to change this to "Why Snowman Sucks". This is for the bad things not to boobs. Hasn't Susan G. Komen taught you anything?
  4. Idk I enjoy the slutty costumes.
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  5. Never cared for Halloween, 'cause it ain't celebrated here.
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  6. Sure it is just a thing you yanks do we Brits have more sense
  7. Really the only good reason. If you don't go out I could see why it isn't that good to you.
  8. It sucks because you have stupid little kids coming to your door all night... Halloween is for kids.. Adults who go out on Halloween are people who wish they were still a kid.. It's a holiday that shouldn't exist.
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  9. I'm still looking to see the new thread title. WHERE IS IT? :bully:

    Really it reminds me of how paranoid we are now. Remembered going around town as an M&M as a kid and having fun, then a few years and enough missing person scandals later everyone started being afraid of letting themselves - or especially their kids - out after dark, and now everyone just goes to the mall because nothing bad ever happens there really I swear
  10. They have trick or treating at 6pm here. They dont do it at night anymore.
  11. I lile slutty costumes, so I enjoy Halloween
  12. Never knew a 'holiday' that has people put on costumes and asking for candy was mean't for kids. Thanks for clarifying.
  13. If I went around asking for candy I would get dirty looks. Most holidays are marketed for and towards kids. Thinks about it. Valentine's day "be mine cards" and candy, Easter baskets filled with candy and toys, Christmas is candy and presents...

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying a holiday but lets be honest here, most people only enjoy them for the free food and gifts and not the family and friendship time spent together.
  14. And that's the real reason why it sucks, the fact that we're too lazy to spend time with family and friends the other 350 days a year until whatever comes around... :pity:
  15. damn we thought the same thing then posted it.
  16. ^ Damn must be soul mates
  17. Most people don't even enjoy spending time with their families on the holidays let alone on other days. I am all for family time... Just when I can tolerate it not when the calendar tells me I "have" to.
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