Why has Ryback never held a title?

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  1. Why has Ryback never held a title? like the US, IC, tag titles? hes a great talent and has been in WWE for a while but hasent held a title WTF
  2. Vince probably doesn't see him as draw
  3. Vince loves his roided-up monster Ryback. That's why he got thrown into the WWE title picture against Punk before he was ready. Hasn't won a title because he never wins at PPV's.
  4. I would have loved to see bully Ryback have a IC/US title run.
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  5. I could see Ryback becoming WWE Champion in 2014. I thought he would become WWE Champion in 2013 but NOPE.
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  6. Because he is a dangerous horrible worker with the personality of an apple with no mic skills.
  7. because he has only been there 14 months and went up to the big title scene immediately. When he gets his run it will last a long while, bet on that shit.
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  8. I honestly think that holding a lower title would diminish his main event cred at this point. Whether I like it or not, he is above those titles.
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  9. IIRC, they were going to take the IC title off of Miz and give it to Ryback. I for one, can't say that winning the IC title would have been better for Ryback, but I must say, it makes him sound less effective knowing that he hasn't held a title if you know what I mean.
  10. He's already been given more title opportunities than most wrestlers do when they first join the main roster. Ryback has been tolerable as of late, but I still think there are other more charismatic and just as talented wrestlers on the roster that could have got the push instead of him.
  11. He's got charisma and his segments are entertaining, he just cant wrestle too well. Even Batista early on was better than him
  12. He's a great talent, but WWE doesn't know how to use him
  13. Because he's only been in the company for a year and a half? There's no mandate that says you have to win championship gold within a set date of being in the company. There's more talented wrestlers than Ryback who never won titles during their entire tenure in WWE, or if they did, it took them years to do it - Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Ted Dibiase, Rick Martel, etc.

    Thus far, it hasn't made any sense for him to win any gold. He wasn't beating Punk. He wasn't beating Cena just a month or so after Cena got his biggest accolade ever with defeating The Rock. Curtis Axel was the new Paul Heyman Guy and was given the IC Title to correlate with that push. Dean Ambrose was given the US Title in order to further prop up the stature of The Shield by having them carry around gold. Same with Rollins and Reigns winning the tag titles. There were rumors of Ryback winning the WHC from Big Show at Wrestlemania, but those were either just rumors, or the plans were dismissed when Show was forced to drop the belt because of a contractual issue and by then, they had interest in building up Del Rio as a babyface.

    I think there was a reasonable chance though that Ryback might have won the Intercontinental gold from The Miz around this time last year if he hadn't been rushed to the main event picture. If you wanna make a comparison with Goldberg, this is how his booking went as well (since they were clearly using Goldberg's push as the blueprint for Ryback) - in between squashing jobbers and low level talent and winning the world title from Hogan, they had him defeat Raven for the United States belt in what was actually a pretty hot feud. Could have done a similar thing with having The Miz as a cowardly IC Champion who tries to weasel his way out of fighting Ryback (or getting himself counted out/disqualified) but eventually, he gets squashed and drops the title to him.
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  14. Because he wasn't built up properly, he had a rocket stuck up his ass to the main event.
  15. Honestly he wouldn't make any of the titles interesting. He's been pushed above the IC/US championships, No partner for the Tag Team Championships, they seem to like having Del Rio as WHC and He's not on the Cena/Punk/Bryan level of entertaining.
  16. I'm not a big fan of Ryback, but, I have to disagree personally with him not making a title interesting. It's better than having Cena or Orton win it for the billionth time.
  17. But Cena and Orton can wrestle........
  18. And they definitely aren't boring at all.
  19. Yeah they really aren't.