Why I haven't volunteered to write 4 Federation X

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  1. I wrote this in nWo & it didnt go as well as I thought it would.

    PEW PEW PEW PEW CRRRRSSSHHHHH PEW PEW PEW *flickers lights on and on*

    Grisham: Welcome to Les Jobbers Alliance! Thank you for joining us here live at William McKinley Elemetary's School's gymnasium and on your local public broadcasting station.

    Tony Chimel: And now the Les Jobber's GM...

    Striker: It's Mike Adamle! The once 382 time WWE champion!
    Grisham: your facts are wrong again Striker :facepalm:

    *Adamle walks in the ring*
    Adamle: Hello Les Jobbers fans in attendance.

    *6 fans clap*
    Rowdy Fan: Fuck Yeah! Indies Rule! Mainstream Sucks! I'm different!

    Adamle: Today we will have a match tonight. With all of your favorite superstars, unfortunately I did not have enough crack to book Jeff Harvey. Today's match tonight, will be an over the top battle Royal in this very rin-

    *ref runs in and whispers in Adamle's ear*

    Adamle: I've just been informed that we were suppose to be here next week and not tonight and a parent/teacher conference is about to take place tonight....So i tell you what. All you guys can meet us in the parking lot and we're going to have an over the chalk line battle royal! The competitors must push their opponent over the chalk line to get the victory and will win this Les Jobber's championship.

    *Adamle holds up $5 pants belt with the word "JOBBER" written on it in white out*

    Grisham: We'll be back after these messages

    *60 mins of the same viagra commercial on repeat*

    Grisham: We're back in the parking lot and most of the jobbers, still waiting for our star jobber.

    Adamle: Dah nah, nah nah nah nah, nah nah. He's asian. Dah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah nah. Yoshi Tatsu. *catches breath* Dah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah...*continues*

    Striker: You can hear Yoshi Tatsu's new theme song. We would like to thank Rick Ross and the rest of MMG for making it.

    Grisham: Check Your God Damn Facts! :annoyed:

    Rowdy Fan:...but Mom I want bagel bites! Get me some GOD DAMN BAGELL BITES!

    Steiner: HE'S FAT!

    *tatsu gets in the 8 by 8 chalk square*

    Adamle: Ding ding ding!

    Striker: This match is under way!

    *starts getting windy as an unknown flying object descends to the ground*

    Grisham: What's that?...It's Frieza's Spaceship!

    *spaceship door opens*

    Striker: Oh my god it's the Ginyu Force!
    Grisham: :ohgod: It's the Supers! Super Cena! Super Orton! Super Sheamus! and Super H!

    *Cena unleashed a Kamehameha to take out half of the Jobbers Alliance*

    Rowdy Fan: Boo! Fuck Mainstream!

    Sheamus: Hey fella you shouldn't say mean things like that, you should B.A Bitch.

    Rowdy Fan: No, Fuck you Gaymas. You can suck a dyaaaacck!

    Sheamus: No one tells Super Sheamus to suck dick

    Triple H: *cough*

    Sheamus: I'm gonna kick your head, beat you in 18 seconds, ride my donkey, and have a drink for mexican independence day with Rey Mysterio Sullivan.

    *Sheamus brogue kicks fans head so hard it is shot off his head, and it circles the world and hits Zack Ryder, putting him in a coma.*

    *Randy Orton randomly starts smoking weed with The Shockmaster*

    *The remaing superstars are stacked up on Cena's shoulders and FU'd into the ground. Super H proceeds to bury them alive*

    Grisham: That's it for tonights episode
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  2. Why I haven't volunteered to write 4 Fed-X

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  3. Why I haven't volunteered to write 4 Fed-X

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