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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by angelique_pearl, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Hi. my name's pearl. i was being referred here by Vince. glad he did, coz i have n0w a chance to get to kn0w you guys, fellow WWE enthusiasts. =) this is c0ol. there will be lots of updates, latest news, gossips, etc fr0m our WWE stars, i guess. =) thanks for this ws!
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  2. welcome to the forum.
  3. welcome to the forum :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: who is your favourite wrestler
  4. There appears to be something wrong with your keyboard, it occasionally replaces the letter 'o' with the number '0', you should get that checked out.
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  5. Welcome to the forum pearl, I hope you stick around :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Welcome to the forum, Pearl! I hope you enjoy your time here and become an active member!
  7. Welcome to the forums :yay: what's your favorite wrestler??
  8. Welcome to the site, you'll enjoy your time here a lot.
  9. Thank u guys. with regards to 'o' and '0' it appears like that coz I'm using my mobile and sometime I replace 0 from o. Tehee! anyways my favorite wrestler has always been John Cena =)
  10. Welcome to the forum!
  11. Welcome to this forum!
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