Why I shouldn't be banned!

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Roadster, Feb 2, 2014.

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  1. Welcome guys and gals, i have infuriatingly thought as a cheater after a couple of my friends voted for me on IWT, now i see how that can be a way to make me win but really i just told them to visit this forum!

    Ask @Aids Johnson i'm not that kinda of guy i learned from past that all who you think are friends (IWT) should be treated without secret,

    Now the fact that i may have told people to vote for me on something i consume my time with, is kinda fatal for me at least, I really like the IWT and @Aids Johnson and @DazzleMania and i learned the rules, that cheating is off limits and i followed the rules, i learned and i tried to be the bes i can, i rememer a guy by the name Action Jackson who i still hate till this very day, who did something similar, i don't do what my enemies do!

    I promise right now i didn't make someone vote for me, i have the belief that my friends who's names i shall not mention, They have vouched for me over at WrestleZone and i have gotten angry, but sadly my friendship with @JwabTV fell out, and i am not one who likes hurting people with depression behind me and all, i have told aids before i will not bend rules, since i respect people who i have not met face to face, To all who know me well enough on this forum i try to act as if a Member of the month award is at stakes everyday.

    Please Accept My Biddings for staying in the IWT

    From Brian Mandela (aka Roadster)
  2. To be honest, MANY people have gotten their friends to vote, and their friends would vote for them without reading. I have done it too. I don't want you to be banned, you don't deserve it. You're good, and dude, you're active as fuck here.
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  3. Thanks, please tell the guys who are doing this to me!

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  4. Now you have said your case, let me state everyone elses. It's just weird how they would all vote for you...two of them around the same time. The other one about 34 minutes after. Also, it appears only 1 of these "friends" voted in a different match. Plus, if I am correct, IWT rules state that a person under 100 post, or is not a member of IWT, can not vote. Do not quote me on that. Now, as your opponent in that match, my view may be biased, but who cares. If you have any proof that they vouched for you on WZ (shitty site btw, fuck Mark Madden), please, I would love to see it.
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  5. I love trials.
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  6. I want Roadster to stay..... but suffer! THE CURE SHALL ATTACK ROADSTER
  7. What is IWT?

    Note: I'm The New Guy
  8. You're suspended for 2 months, effective immediately.

    What an absolute joke. Clear cheating.
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  10. Wut? Y?
  11. #Ruthless #DickTator
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  12. #Jobber
  13. #Rocky
  14. #KnowYourRole #ShutYourMouth
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  15. Ban reduced to 3 weeks.
  16. #nothanks
  17. #WhyNot
  18. #becausei'mnotajabroni :rock:
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