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  1. Hello, my name is Ravyn. I'm new here and thought it would be appropriate to give a little introduction post.

    I've been a fan of WWF/WWE off and on since I was a little girl. I moved to Texas in 2009, and in 2010, moved into an apartment that provided free cable. My husband and I got to finally enjoy Smackdown, Raw, and TNA. I was still considered a noob, I suppose as I didn't know a lot of the new wrestlers and wasn't anywhere near up to date. Didn't take me long, however, to find some favorites [Undertaker has remained a favorite since I was a kid, but I began to quickly enjoy Rey Mysterio].

    My husband is a big gamer, and owned Smackdown vs Raw 2009 and 2010, which he would play by himself, since, at the time, I was not familiar with how to really use the playstation controllers beyond DDR and like...one other game. One day, he asked me to create a character of myself...which was a disaster. Not too long after, I suffered from a head injury which began to mess with my ability to concentrate and get around. Since I couldn't really get around very well for a while, I spent a lot of my time making custom WWE characters for the video games...and even learned to play [to the point where I had to unlock all the items and play the harder levels for my hubby LOL].

    I purchased a copy of R vs SM 2011 not long after that as a gift to the both of us. By then, we weren't really able to watch it on TV as often without the help of youtube, since we no longer has cable. For us, internet usage was more important than TV [that's what youtube, hulu, and netflix is for].

    Well, none of that says anything about why I'm here. I'm a novelist, and I like to write about many different things [I do all sorts of fiction]. One of my aspiring projects was a wrestling novel. I've managed to get a few hellos and brief responses from some twitter accounts, and made a friend who is in wrestling school now. The project has been an off and on project for about a year.

    Recently, I really wanted to try and get it off the ground, but my knowledge of the insides and outs of wrestling is limited. I'm not as hardcore a fan as some others. I don't want to step on anyone's toes when it comes to copyrights and I would like to really learn the terms and such so that I can put a lot of care into the writing [granted there will still be some made-up stuff too, but I want to respect the business by using real stuff too].

    I had asked openly on my twitter if anyone would be willing to help me out. "Vince McMahon" [a member here] invited me so that I could ask my questions to all of the loyal and educated fans and whomever else can give me a helping hand to really make my new novel project a work of hard work and love.

    So, that's my story in a nutshell. I'll put up a post a wee bit later with my questions and such in the proper area after I really gather my thoughts and think about the questions I want to ask.

    As for me, if anyone would like to know anything about me or my work, or just chit chat, feel free to say hello or ask questions. I don't bite. I hope to enjoy my time and experiences here :otunga:
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  2. Hello! :emoji_slight_smile:)

    Welcome to the site and to the #WFGals group! :emoji_slight_smile:) I really enjoyed your story! I write too, but it's mostly fan fiction so... yeah. Wishing you all the best though! <333

    You've come in the right place! Everyone can pitch in and help, we're like a family here.

    I'm a big video games fan too! :emoji_grinning:

    I hope you'll be active and enjoy the site!
  3. Hey Ravyn and welcome to the forum! I've also been a big fan of the undertaker especially during his badass gimmick with the motorcycle!

    I remember playing the first ever SD vs Raw many years ago and really enjoyed it. Are you looking forward to WWE 13 coming out?

    I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done so far with your wrestling novel!
  4. Hello there, great story! I used to like writing fan fiction however I got a bit bored after a while. You can watch all of the latest shows on Youtube by going to 'Our Shows' and they are usually out the next day so you can't miss out! Also, i'm sure you will like Federation X! You can create your own character and our creative team will book matches. You can check out the weekly shows as well which are TNT, Warzone and Stars of X. You can read more about it in this thread!
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  5. Hello, and Welcome to the forum, I'm Lacky. Glad to meet you.
  6. Viva la raza! Welcome.
  7. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure you'll get all the help you need here.
  8. Welcome Ravyn. I wish you good luck on your novel, I'm sure it will be a success. This was a very nice introduction though :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Welcome Ravyn! Very nice intro. :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Most certainly waiting on WWE 13...however, I'll need to save up for a PS3. I'm not fond of playing on the Wii...though it's still fun in and of itself.

    The book is still in the very early stages. Working up some characters, a bare bones storyline to put everything together. I have some ideas and character information.

    Before I post anything informative about the novel, I still need to work out some things. Then when I have a storyline decided, I can work on things like the moves and such. I've written stories before that involved some fight scenes...however, since this is a novel about wrestlers, obviously a lot of scenes will be in the ring...so I have to make sure I can actually do these scenes and still make sure they are as exciting as if you were watching it yourself. To even it out, there is a lot of regular storyline happening as well, since a lot of story happens outside the ring with the actual characters as well.

    Should be interesting. I'll keep everyone updated.


    That sounds pretty awesome. I'll check it out.
  11. Your novel sounds like a exciting project..
  12. It's definitely exciting and proving to be a LOT of hard work. I haven't even really started to seriously work on the moves and stuff yet. I'm still on characters and working on how the plot will go. I have a few ideas.

    I will certainly keep everyone updated as I progress through it...since everyone has been awesome with the support.
  13. Congrats on the novel, welcome to the team.
  14. This is good news, keep up the hard work. :otunga:
  15. Another Vince McMahon recruited member. In that manner..."we're not so different, you & I" :shock:

    Welcome to the forums
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