Why is Antonio Cesaro so much more popular than Del Rio?

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  1. It's something I've been thinking about recently and I don't really get it. The general consensus on here seems to be that Cesaro should be winning the WHC soon, while ADR is getting pushed too much. Both guys have a lot of similarities:

    - Both fantastic ring workers
    - Both are half decent on the stick, although kind of hindered by English not being their first language
    - Both have awesome looks

    And looking past those things there's not a lot of differences between the two IMO. The one thing you could pick out is that, despite both being fantastic workers, their styles completely contrast. But, again, I don't see why you'd pick one over the other because of that, they can both put on unbelievable matches. Aside from that, ADR's facial expressions are better, and that's about all I can think of.

    I don't mean to generalise, and I know there are some ADR fans on here, but generally it does seem to me that people seem to love Cesaro and yet dislike/are indifferent towards Del Rio.

    So, who's your preference and why?
  2. Cesaro's matches are better. The spots he's been involved in were great. When I see a Cesaro match I'm always entertained. Del Rio is a good wrestler, but I often feel like I'm watching the same match over and over. Also Cesaro's mic skills have gotten better as where Del Rio's is still "perros, chihuahuas, peasants, destiny, and whirl hebyweight champyun"
  3. I'll come back with a longer post on my preference. But I think it can be people at least subconsciously wanting something new in the main event. Del Rio has been a constant since his debut.
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  4. Not so much that, I feel they gave him that rocket ship push and he failed. However instead of switching him with someone else, they kept him in the main event. I feel like he would thrive in the midcard and get some experience from it

  5. I don't find Del Rio repetitive at all. He's probably suffered from facing the same guys so many times. It's probably hard to create something fresh with Sheamus or Orton when you've already worked with them 100 times. As for the mic skills, I don't really see what Cesaro offers that Del Rio doesn't tbh.

  6. Even so those are top names, but I honestly can't say those were great feuds or notable at that. Cesaro offers something different every time he's on the mic. He's not better than Del Rio by leaps and bounds, but he is better. With Del Rio I feel like his promos are extremely cookie cutter, heel and face.

  7. A lot of heel promos are fairly repetitive anyway I guess, Punk did his same best in the world stuff every week when he was champ. I'll agree they're fairly cookie cutter, although his one on Raw last week as well as the one on Smackdown generated decent heat. Cesaro is pretty similar in that respect, most of his stuff is fairly repetitive - but he's never really had an opportunity to get in a proper fued with somebody in his defence.

    As for Sheamus and Orton, just about every fued they've been in in the last few years has been pretty dull.
  8. Del Rio has been around and Cesaro is a much fresher face. The IWC likes change and different shit. It's why a pussy like Fandango can debut with a terrible gimmick and gain tons of fan support.
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  9. We like his song, not him. I think that's the consensus
  10. I've often compared the two myself, although my comparisons stem from rather different opinions of both competitors. Mine were (back when I last compared them on here [which was quite some time ago]); both terribly boring and dull on the mic (especially Del Rio, who almost put me to sleep once) and both average wrestler with one really awesome move (enzuigiri & uppercut). That stated, my opinion on both have changed since then and both for the better (I will preface this by saying that my opinions of both were never really negative [okay, Del Rio's was when he first debuted but that didn't last very long at all]). Anyway, I feel both have improved on the mic (or perhaps just given better material [referring to Cesaro here]). Cesaro's little speech in the Miz Tv segment with Ric Flair was not only the one part of the segment that I didn't feel like committing seppuku but it was a part I actually enjoyed. As for Del Rio, he no longer almost puts me to sleep. In-ring wise I still wouldn't rate them much over average but I'd definitely put them above it. I just absolutely love some of Cesaro's moveset and use of strength (him tossing Miz against the barricade like nothing is still very awesome) and Del Rio just had my favorite match of the year (thus far) with Dolph Ziggler. And he's had plenty of other good matches before then too but that one was special.

    As for which one I prefer, Del Rio? The reason is pretty self-explanatory, he just had my favorite match of the year (thus far). It probably would've been Cesaro prior to that though. I rate them pretty equally so I imagine my answer will never be concrete here.
  11. Heel Del Rio > Cesaro > Face Del Rio.
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  12. Yeah Punk's bitw stuff was terrible after a while. ADR is doing better so far in his current heel run, but he was also doing alright at the beginning of his face turn as well. I'm hoping he finally gets over with the fans, but if history repeats itself I don't see it happening.

    I also think Cesaro is a better in ring storyteller as well. He made a match with The Great Khali look good, just saying.
  13. Cesaro is a better in ring storyteller, but ADR was just 1/2 of a match that told the best in-match story WWe has had since i resumed watched in 2010. Makes sense.
  14. While he worked with Ziggler. Those two have great in ring chemistry. Cesaro I feel hasn't gotten enough chances with the best wrestlers, but he still is doing great in ring wise. His matches are consistently good and entertaining. Some of Del Rio's matches I tend to lose interest in halfway through.
  15. If Del Rio were black you would love him. :adr:
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  16. JTG next WWE Champion
  17. "So much more popular" - not sure it's at that level yet. Some people prefer him, and so do I. There are similarities like you said, and them both being foreign is the biggest one, but there are differences in some of things you have mentioned. You say both of them are good in the ring, and I agree with that, but I much prefer watching Cesaro matches than ADR's. I personally find Cesaro's matches much more entertaining, as I feel I get more "holy shit" moments than ADR provides. Cesaro does spots like that suplex over the top rope I think he done on main event, and then smashing Miz over and over into the barricade. I never see those from ADR.

    They're both terrible on the mic; they bore me to tears. Cesaro has a manager now though, and one of the best, so that's another reason I prefer Cesaro mic segments over ADR's. So that's 2-0 so far. Cesaro isn't pushed down our throats; his segments are short. Vince is REALLY trying to nail down that Hispanic market and push ADR to the moon constantly after the WWE fans continue to reject him, so naturally the constant overpush ADR has received is another negative. I know that is not his fault, but you can't be ignorant to the fact people will take that into account. That's 3-0.

    ADR has better facial expressions, mannerisms, and charisma, but it's hard to enjoy that around the booking he receives. But he does get a point for it.

    To summarise: I think you're overreacting. Quite a large portion of the IWC aren't Cesaro fanboys. I don't see many on here ever asking Cesaro to break into the main event even. I think most would say that both Cesaro and ADR belong in the midcard.

  18. No way. ADR is where he should be, and I picture Cesaro as an upper mid card/ME platooner, especially if he keeps Zeb. Cesaro should win the briefcase for the WHC IMO
  19. Said most. I know you wouldn't want that. ADR being in the ME is getting Sheamus like responses: "just get the fuck out".
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  20. Rhodes'll get it. Cesaro wouldnt really "need" it.