Storyline Why is IWT so Jwabo-phobic?

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  1. *Jwab walks out with a badass suit on that James Bond would wear. He also enters with his 30th new theme song. The fans are cheering after the show he put on at Elimination Chamber. But, is there any boos like every other entrance in IWT History? Of course. He stops at the beginning of the ramp. He's about to walk down the ring but he stops. He drops down to one knee. He spans his right arm and he points at one side of the arena. He moves his arm to point at everyone from right to left. He then gets up and starts rapidly typing his right arm on his forehead then slams it downwards into the ramp and pyro goes everywhere. He looks up and smiles. The fans are loving the new Jwab. He seems.... happy for no reason. He yells at a fan that is just marking out "YOU LIKE THAT?!". He slowly walks around the ring high fiving every fan. He gets up on the apron and gets into the ring while a stage hand throws him a mic. He almost drops it but he catches it and he smiles. He points the mic at the 'Mania sign before talking*

    Hi...... I know I've been silent since losing in the World Heavyweight Championship Chamber last sunday. But, I've came out here to talk about IWT's current state.

    *He licks his lips*

    Let's be honest everybody, you don't know why you are cheering for me but at the same time... you do know. I was the BEST in that chamber and the only reason I didn't walk out was because..... The Church. It's true, God knew that I was..... correction.. had to betray him at the Pay-Per-View. It was the only way I was gonna get that title and if it was if I eliminated him. But.... what I don't get.... is that he needed both David and Joey Bryant to take me down. Actually, it wasn't just God that was lucky because of Joey Bryant and David. It was every other person that was lucky that I got attacked. Except for Danielson, I can't believe that drug loving fool got pinned in under 30 seconds by yours truly. I could've handled everyone in that chamber. I could've handled Joey Bryant. David. Any one of them but they all attacked me at once! Just to get me out of there. Which makes me sick.....and brings me to my next request.....

    *Huge ass smile*

    I want to be the next in line for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP AFTER IWTMANIA 2! I deserve it. You all know I deserve it. Let's face it. That world title is gonna be around my waist sometime in the near future! What better then at Extreme Rules..... Also, WHY IS IWT SO JWABO-PHOBIC!? I wasn't booked at Uprising?! Mr. Smith and Jonathan need to get their shit together!

    *Doesn't care and he loosens the mic*

    Now, if there is anyone that thinks I don't deserve to be next in line at the World Title. How about you come step into this ring with me right now!

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  2. Commentator 1: What? This can't be?

    Christian comes out on stage to a loud reaction.​

    Commentator 2: IT IS! CHRISTIAN IS BACK!

    Christian looks at Jwab from the top of the ramp in a disruptive mood.
    Christian's theme fades away as the crowd starts chanting, Christian!

    Christian: You know, Jwab... it's not fun being stripped of something you love, it's not fun being at home and doing nothing for an entire month, It's not FUN, GETTING SOMETHING STOLEN FROM YOU FOR THE SECOND TIME!

    Christian starts breathing heavily in anger

    Christian: FIRST OF ALL, I am accused of taking drugs which I so rightfully didn't! SECOND, I have to watch MY World Heavyweight Championship being stripped from me right before my eyes and FINALLY watch it becomes a PRIZE for the winner of the Elimination Chamber match!

    And I'm being honest when I say this, Dat Kid does NOT deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion! He can run around thinking he's champion, but everyone in THIS ARENA AND THE WORLD KNOWS WHO THE REAL CHAMP IS!

    And when I found out that YOU, Jwab drugged me so I would fail the wellness policy...

    Christian licks his lips as he starts walking down the ramp.
    Christian: The man who cost me my championship... I couldn't wait to get my hands on you.

    Christian drops his mic, runs into the ring and starts beating down, Jwab.
    Christian and Jwab start trading shots at each other as security tries to break them up.
    Jwab and Christian over power the security and start tearing each other apart.
    More security comes and separates them as they pull Jwab outside of the ring.
    Christian goes to the announcer booth and grabs a mic.

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  3. Show Spoiler
    OOC: This is one of my weaker promos. Wasn't really in the mood to write one. My bad, Jwab
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  4. Weaker promo or not, great promo guys..
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  5. OOC: It's ok m8, I rushed mine cause you got on lol
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