Why is JTG still employed???

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  1. Why is JTG still employed??? you see better talent getting released or them quitting the business and here you have JTG whos done fuck all and he still has a job it doesnt make sense and then he makes those tweets about the shit thats going on backstage I thought he would defintely be fired after that but hes still there. WTF is going on??? does Vince realise hes wasting away a pay check on a guy like JTG who never gets used and disrespects the company by those tweets he made. Its complete madness
  2. JTG is a very talented ring talent who has no problem making others look good. He can work well with most and has a well off experience. He is also a lower card guy who has the respect of the behind the scene guys after he spoke him mind a couple of weeks back. Just doing that can often secure you your job in the WWE as long as you follow to code of honor that exists.
  3. WWE is organized into different levels of Talent. Main-Events, Upper midcard, midcard, lower midcard, openers, and jobbers.

    Everyone has their own certain role. Me personally I believe JTG to be a lower midcard talent. He's got talent within the ring. It just comes down to WWE creative not having anything for him.

    JTG can be used in many aspects within the WWE, he does House Shows, he could wrestle at NXT like most WWE talent is currently doing, and he goes on tour with WWE to different countries. So yes I believe their is a purpose for JTG still been employed by the WWE.
  4. JTG is a jobber. If they want to debut someone with talent, they put them up against JTG.
  5. Because JTG is a decent wrestler, that has lots of charisma. They can put him in the tag team scene again if they get him the right partner, for now he's good with the House Shows and lower midcard division.
  6. this thread is RACIST
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  7. There's a lower midcard division?
  8. Indeed there is. At least I believe there is. With talents such as Bateman, Ezekiel Jackson, and talents which aren't used.
  9. I know there's lower midcard wrestlers, but a division implies competitive wrestling lol
  10. :Isee: What you did there.
  11. If WWE was like TNA, JTG would be broke and be better off working at Walmart or something.

    Fun Fact: JTG has only had 4 victories in the entire 2011-2012 year :troll:
  12. Of course, it's called WWE Superstars :haha: and sad for JTG :sad:
  13. You need to have some respect. This is a persons career you're talking about.
  14. I remember seeing JTG down here in Brazil, jobbing to Brodus. Yeah, he works the house show circuit and they need jobbers, he's talented/charismatic enough to do that and more in my opinion.
  15. He has potential is he was used right
  16. JTG should be at the top he has the talent, the mic skills, the charisma to succeed
  17. ^ That moment when the OP turns around on her own opinion in the original post :haha:
  18. He's good, he can wrestle, he can make people look good.. Like said by others..
  19. Pretty much.
  20. JTG has the more potential than any other jobber!