Why is this forum so boss?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. I've been to 1 or 2 other forums beside wweforums.net. Both of them were game forums. And none of them come close to being as epic as this one.

  2. We have some incredible members!
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  4. Randy Savage is here. End of story, case closed.
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  8. Because it has the mega over face of the forum. :boss:
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  10. I've been to lots and lots of forum, and this one is very unique. This place is active, but yet all the members still talk about wrestling(of which the forum is about.) Now I've been to a zelda fanforum where they are completely offtopic of the game series and just post and post about my little pony, thus they killed the true meaning of the forum by killing the zelda topics off of the forum. This forum, even though a lot of people talk in the locker room, always talk about wrestling. People here express their love for sports, and other stuff but also keep wrestling as the main topic.

    Another reason, this is an active forum with lots of friendly members. Usually when forums are active 75% of the people are assholes and treat new members like crap. They also gang up on anybody who disagrees with them. On this forum new members are treated very good. I have seen some arguements on here, but it's not 24/7 and it's not multiple people bashing on a person calling them stupid for disagreeing with them. Usually the nice forums are ones that are dead and hardly get any posts.

    I can honestly say this is the best forum I have ever been apart of(since I don't go on any forums anymore besides this), and I'm glad to talk to each one of you. Whether it's arguments, friendly chats, random stuff, or anything I enjoy coming here and talking and posting to each one of you. Now al of you go get me zebra DAMN it.
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  11. I love it because I know (Internet Know) all of the members. Because it's so new there aren't tons of random people who I don't recognize. It's unique in that aspect.
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  12. I love it here. Friendly, active, wrestling-focused forum. :burns:
  14. It's Boss because the boss is here

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  15. Because it's both run by AND overrun with intellegent people who know wrestling, that double up as trolls. 80% of people here can be informative or hilarious (or they are guys like D'Z and Stopspot who can be both at the same time.)... 19% excel at one side or the other, awesome guys like Vince or that scrub who you voted MOTM, and then there's the other 1% of people who can't do either, and even then it's welcome because the place just wouldn't be the same without Savage.
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  16. Wrestling News World had the best wrestling forum (and probably the best forum period) that I've ever been to, where most all of the members were very intelligent in general, wrestling or otherwise. Rare for a forum to feel like that one did, but that's how it was. But unfortunately, the people running it ran it into the ground for various reasons and drove away most of it's members and now that forum no longer exists, just the site.

    This might be my favorite forum behind that one. I've been to other forums but they usually suffer from annoying problems that this one doesn't - they have many too members and it's hard to keep up or respond to a particular post because there's so many new posts happening by the minute (Wrestlecrap) or they treat new members as noobs who have to 'prove' themselves before they are taken seriously (probably most forums, as was brought up) or they just don't have a whole lot of interesting things to talk about. JoBlo forums (best movie forum ever) used to be good, but it's just sort of not that interesting itself nowadays.
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  18. Because I'm on it.
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