Summerslam Why John Cena Should Be Booked To Tap Out At SummerSlam

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  1. Yes, you are hearing me correctly. Cena should just be booked to tap out, something that Cena hasn’t done in more than a decade. This would be nearly as shocking as Lesnar defeating The Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX. For years now, Cena has been defined as somewhat of an underdog who never gives up. He doesn’t quit. He doesn’t go against his principles. He rises above the hate. This is the one time of the year that Cena should lose cleanly and just simply tap out to the Kimura Lock, or his old submission move, The Brock Lock.

    Just imagine how much of a surprise it would be to see Cena tapping out as he screams in agony from Lesnar nearly ripping off the arm of Cena – this is what he vowed to do in the promo aired this past Monday Night Raw. It would be a moment remembered for years to come, and hard to top in the near future, much like Lesnar conquering the streak. The commentators would be silent, the crowd would be hushed and the IWC would be in celebratory mode.

    You see, Lesnar lost for absolutely no reason at Extreme Rules in 2012, which also diminished Lesnar’s momentum. The only way to remedy that questionable loss is to make Cena tap out at SummerSlam.

    If Lesnar does achieve such an unbelievable feat, think about the year that Lesnar had: ended the streak, made Cena tap out and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. This would be fitting for the likes of a super athlete, a beast, a king… and a conqueror. Heyman says that Lesnar is in WWE to shock the WWE Universe and put tears in the eyes of children. No better way to do that than making Cena submit.
  2. Lesnar doesn't need that big of a rub, dude.
    Give Lesnar that rub and you may as well close the doors. WFA. Out of buildness.
    I had no problem with Lesnar losing at Extreme Rules 2012, just like I have no problem with losing at 'Slam
    I don't believe he should lose to Cena, but giving that cu** the belt is a horrendous idea unless he works more dates. Simple.

    Lesnar is an unbelievable talent, but he isn't playing ball. WWE bought this guy as is, though. No, Cena tapping to Lesnar isn't a good idea in the least. Nothing against you, just the wrong cat.
  3. Well, you know, as someone who's sick and tired of Cena's booking, I'd approve this. Yes, I know he's the top guy, he isn't supposed to lose. But seriously, they should change his stuff up somewhat. Every time he comes out and he tells corny jokes and no sells his opponents/no sells a dirty loss. His feud with Wyatt was disgusting in that regard; the dude couldn't even take a fall when he wasn't the top babyface at that time, save a few occurances when he actually cuts a good promo or something. What about his ""redemption"" thing after losing to Rock, when he beat Brock clean the next month? lol. Nothing against the guy, but his booking is extremely annoying for me. If he were to tap, I think that would lead us down an interesting Cena storyline, which would be good for me (even though it would probably just end with him rising above, but hey, if they worked it well for once, why not?). And if Cena wins, it's the same old story again, just like last time he beat Lesnar for absolutely no reason. So even though I do hate the concept of part time champions, since I think Lesnar's reign would last a month and then he'd lay down for Rollins as he cashes in (literally laying down, as in he was just H's mercenary to take the belt off Cena), I'd be fine with him winning. I really don't think him tapping is necessary though, as this could be saved for later because Brock sure doesn't need it, but if it happened it would be a shock (I'd mark passionately) and would probably have a nice follow up, so I wouldn't complain.
  4. Well I'd like to see Cena reduced to his sniveling whining self like he was when he lost to the Rock at WM the first time a few years back. This would definitely help it out if it happened.

    Does this mean we should expect Cena to be left in a pile of blood, piss, and vomit like Lesnar said too? Cuz I'd be down for that. I don't really expect it though.
  5. People have disliked Cena for years, it hasn't changed the fact that he's an 'untapper'.
    For Cena, it's an untouchable rule.
    If you really want Cena to tap, you have to force the Empire to turn him heel. Once he turns heel, he will tap.
    It won't be Roman Reigns and it sure shouldn't be Brock Lesnar.
    Find somebody that will draw more money than C-Boy and maybe the Empire will consider it.

    I get Leo C's frustration. You don't like Cena's schtick. Get millions of your buddies to convince the Empire. It's my only answer. WWE may not even listen, but its all you've got.
  6. Yeah, I know he'll most likely not tap until he's ready to retire. I just pointed out how it would bring upon some new stuff for Cena, but him tapping isn't the only solution to this problem, really.
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  7. I actually want heel Cena. He's trolling people to believe he'd make a bad heel. It's just not true.
    Any human being of John Cena's caliber can make a very good heel. Whether he lasts , is irrelevant to me.
    If you're asking me if I want to SEE him heel, the answer is yes. Many things would have to be different for this to take place. The Empire's entire philosophy would have to overhaul.
  8. I'd enjoy heel Cena too. I think most of us would at least like to see how it would work out, but the point is that he's the man, he's not turning, at least not yet. So when Reigns takes the reigns (hahaha see what I did there I'm so funny) maybe we'll get it.
  9. Reigns is so different that he would be an alternative rather than a replacement.
    I've always figured Bray Wyatt had the goods to actually get this done. He's a great crossover talent, but because the Empire's has its head stuck up it own a**, Wyatt will be limited.
    Wyatt doesn't have THE look WWE wants. It would take catastrophic circumstances that allowed WWE to change their thinking.
    Wyatt is Austin-like in that he's an anti-hero, has a different look to him, is big as a house and gets the audience behind him.

    Bray Wyatt blurs the heel/face line as well as I've seen in almost 15 years. He has a presence you can't teach, but the entire world will convince you Reigns is the guy. Reigns is awesome, Wyatt is better.
  10. Badass babyface Wyatt would be awesome.
  11. I'd beg to differ, mainly because Lesnar defeated Undertaker, the guy who was 21-0 at Wrestlemania, and received arguably the biggest rub of all time. Have Lesnar win against Cena dirty, it basically paints the picture as Cena being stronger than Undertaker as not even Lesnar can beat him, after beating the streak.
  12. I wouldn't have been against Cena tapping out to Brock Lesnar two years ago at Extreme Rules. It would have only piled on to the misery and misfortune that Cena was supposed to be going through that year starting with his loss to The Rock a month before. It also would have immediately (re)established Lesnar as the baddest dog in the yard right off the bat.

    But now? I don't know. On one hand, I wouldn't completely discount the possibility since it would certainly be the next most shocking thing to happen after ending the streak and would definitely succeed in making Lesnar seem even more invincible, but on the other hand, I feel the rub of making Cena tap should be handed to someone else. And you just know that if Cena tapped out to Lesnar, he would almost have to get his redemption by defeating him the very next month at Night Of Champions, so it's probably better it didn't happen.

    I figure Cena will only tap out when/if he eventually turns heel. Top babyfaces don't tap out. That's generally how it goes. Bruno never gave up, Hogan never did (except to Kurt Angle at King Of The Ring 2002, but that was WAY past his glory years as a babyface during the 80's and early 90's), and neither did Warrior. Bret Hart spent no less than nine minutes in Bob Backlund's cross-face chicken-wing at the 1994 Survivor Series and only lost after his mother Helen threw in the towel. The double turn between Stone Cold and Bret Hart at WM13 was largely centered around the fact that Austin had too much guts, too much heart and too much resilience to ever submit to another man's submission maneuver (he would only end up tapping out after turning heel in 2001), etc. You get the point.

    Most likely, Lesnar will win after three F-5's, the same exact sequence of moves he had to use to put Undertaker down at Wrestlemania. That gives off the impression that defeating Cena was just as difficult as defeating Taker at WM, which is fine to me.
  13. But after already receiving that rub, would it make sense?
  14. Which rub, Lesnar beating the Undertaker or someone other than Lesnar making Cena tap out first?

    Barring a DQ ending or a No Contest (assuming they don't add a No Holds Barred stip to the match sometime in the next week and a half bfore the PPV), there is no other ending to the Summerslam main event that makes any sense except for Lesnar defeating Cena and doing it cleanly. You don't give Lesnar one of the biggest victories in WWE history only to job him out in his very next match to a guy who needs the rub of beating him the least. Cena already has a victory over Brock. He doesn't need another one.
  15. Exactly. He needs to have him tap out. It only makes sense. If it was built up in the sense where it's the last resort for Lesnar, I could see that as even better, but the biggest problem I have with that is that it would ruin Undertaker because it would make Taker look like a pussy considering how Cena could kick out after three F5s whereas Taker couldn't. In my mind tapping out after a complete beating with fair contest from Cena is the only obvious choice.
  16. I don't think Brock NEEDS to make Cena tap out, but like I said earlier, I wouldn't completely dismiss the chance of it happening. In kayfabe though, Cena arguably is on Undertaker's level (just look at the long list of opponents he's defeated), so if Lesnar had to use three straight F-5's to put him down just as he did with Taker, I'd be fine with that. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't intentionally make Cena look stronger than Taker by requiring him to take four of 'em before staying down. The only way I can see Cena tapping is if Cena's arm ends up broken from being in the Kimura Lock for so long or something.
  17. I'm sure they'll use a hart/Austin finish for this one. Cena will lose but never give up.
  18. What's your fascination with the Undertaker here? More importantly, why is it so important to you that Brock look so great?
    Did WWE convince you that Brock deserved the rub of making Cena tap? Never forget, it was Undertaker who chose to lose to Brock, not the empire.
    It was never the Empire's initial purpose to make Brock Lesnar this god you people are.
    All of a sudden because Taker ate the pin people are batsh** that Lesnar lost to Cena two f***ing years ago. Lesnar got a rub from Taker. That's it.
    How is WWE getting a payoff from this. Lesnar barely works. Lesnar beats Taker and all of a sudden, he's god and making Cena tap. Please.

    If Lesnar manned up and agreed to an arc, things would be different. An arc would be X amount of dates where Cena could tap, he'd put over Cesaro, Reigns and number of other matches or scenarios.
  19. Still, if he didn't and survived 3/4 F5s, it would make Taker look weak.
  20. Maybe, but isn't Taker weak at this point anyways. I mean, the guy looks terrible. He's 49 years old.
    I see where you're driving at. I just can't justify Undertaker anymore. He has no business looking that out of shape against that monster.
    Cena should look stronger than the Undertaker, way stronger actually. If Taker is so strong, why doesn't he wrestle more?
    Fans aren't that dense, they know Taker is too old to wrestle more.
    You aren't off the mark, its just kayfabe can only cover so much before its just ridiculous.