Why Marella and Cesaro are feuding

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. By request of @[Rainman] I will explain why I think they are having Cesaro and Marella feud.

    We recently got some reports that they don't think Cesaro had the impact he would have. There is a pretty simple solution to this. How do you get a new heel over? Put him against a popular face!

    Marella is insanely popular with the kids and is thus very over. Having Cesaro feud with him and talking to them in a language they don't understand is a sure fire way of getting heat from the kids. Getting Cesaro over as a bad guy to the little kids. We saw some clear proof of this at this weeks Smackdown.

    What do you think? Does this make sense?

  2. I think that makes sense. Good idea to have him go against the babyface like Santino.
  3. I haven't seen this week's Smackdown yet, but I can understand the logic in what you're proposing is the idea behind the whole feud. It does kind of make sense.
  4. Pretty fantastic idea, and he's a good guy to get that US Belt off Santino, which I guess will resonate with casuals (doubt it)

    Still, I think Sandow/Santino was the definite money feud here, but Sandow's able to stay relevant in the feud with Brodus, while Santino's able to give the rub to Cesaro. 2 for the price of 1.

    They really have a nice find in Santino, it's almost impossible for that guy not to be over. His powerwalk alone will keep the fans happy to see him, so he can be jobbed out a million times and still be over.
  5. I wish this would happen
  6. No reason why it shouldn't. If you want to do the dumb Cobra on no-talent jobbers every now and then, whatever. But whenever Santino faces a wrestler who's actually worth something, he should be jobbed out every time.

    He's over because he seems like a likable guy, he does the trombone taunt, the saluting headbutt, the little Cobra sock, the powerwalk, mispronounces everything in comical fashion... He doesn't have to do any of these while winning matches. As long as he'll be able to do these things, he'll be over with the casuals and can job to every freaking heel out there and the casuals will hate them for it. Just like Stopspot said.
  7. He's been jobbing for a while now.. ADR basically buried him with two straight 20 second squash matches

    Somebody should have told WWE it would have been a wise move to get the US Title off of him before jobbing him out though
  8. Makes sense :obama: its so easy to get the kiddies to hate a guy
  9. Seems like a plausible reason. Not really sure what impact they expected Cesaro to make the way they booked him though, first in backstage segments then his first matches... and then he disappeared for a while after Ace was fired for no apparent reason.
  10. Cesaro needs to be more aggressive to me. Keep ambushing, but use weapons too. Make them lengthy attacks, throw him against the barriers more, throw him to the steel steps, and take him to the front of the stage and attack him. Take his cobra sock and burn it, if he does these things he'll get so much heat, the Human Torch wouldn't want to touch him.
  11. I agree with you Farooq.
  12. I have no idea thats WWE booking for you
  13. Did you read the OP? In it I pointed out the most likely reason they are having them feud. Jesus. :facepalm1:
  14. It makes perfect sense. WWE wants to push Cesaro as a top midcard heel and since Santino is the only midcard face with a title, Cesaro would have to go after him. Santino isn't the only popular face Cesaro's gone after as he's attacked Christian and Ryder. But he's feuding with Santino because he holds the title. Once Cesaro is done with Santino, I'd expect he'll go back to Christian and Ryder.
  15. No idea why they don't utilize Ryder more to elevate heels. Sandow/Ryder was teased and that feud would have been perfect.
  16. Sandow wouldn't anyone would be gold as long as the face has something that Sandow can see as repulsive. Ryder and Brodus are his two perfect opponents since they both are fun loving characters who still possess ring skill. But Sandow could just as easily go after Punk for Punk representing the punk movement, Sheamus for being a hooligan, Bryan for his anger issues (since they are unbecoming of a modern man). He could even go after Cena for sucking at color coordinating.
  17. Well it's the traditional way... Having him steal Teddy's gf seemed more innovative, but I guess kids need simpler bad guys.

    Indeed, it wouldn't be hard to find an excuse for Sandow to feud with anyone, he has a versatile gimmick.
  18. I honestly think the stealing Aksana thing was scrapped when they started rushing the Ace storyline post WM. My personal theory was that it was because to last longer with a stable connected to Ace, with Cesaro connected to it. Just my personal theory.
  19. Probably a change of plans indeed, he just disappeared for a few weeks out of nowhere.
  20. I wonder if the feud will continue after tonight