Why Ricardo wrestles Sin Cara

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Sep 27, 2012.

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  2. :facepalm:

    so theyve resorted to using an announcer cause cara cant work as well with anyone else.
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  3. Ricardo is a talented wrestler though.
  4. I've seen ricardo on FCW a couple of times, and he's good... I see this as a win/win for both wrestlers.
  5. Makes sense, since he also speaks Spanish it's easier for them to communicate.
  6. That's probably why he didn't botch at all during that match :haha:
  7. @[GTI] The match hasn't aired yet as far as I know.
  8. Oh, right.

    Well, I don't think he'll botch that bad since they can talk during matches.

    Come to think of it, probably the main reason Cara botches is that he can't communicate to his opponent what he is going to do.
  9. Yes Cara only speaking Spanish is one of the main reasons he botches a lot, another is him not being used to working the WWE style and not being put down in developmental for a while to learn it.

    Apparently this match had a lot of miscues as well but was still better than all other Cara matches. I guess some miscues are natural, again Ricardo works the WWE style well and hasn't been a active wrestler since being called up to be Del Rio's announcer.
  10. Completely agreed.
  11. Rodriguez did a good job with Cara last Raw, so this was a smart decision on apart of WWE. There's been rumors that WWE is unsatisfied with Ricardo's wrestling, but I think he's mid card material.
  12. Yeah and he hasn't really wrestled full time since being called up. Giving him time to get the ring rust out and he will be pleasurable enough.
  13. Makes sense, Ricardo can communicate with Sin Cara, and he's talented in ring. And as bad as this sounds, if Cara botches and Ricardo gets an injury then it wouldn't be that bad of a loss as oppose to someone like Ziggler, Rhodes, or Miz.
  14. lol pretty much :dawg:
  15. I see why..

    He snaps bumps in 0.5 secs. It's insane how fast Ricardo actually is in the ring. Really enjoyed how he selled the arm drags..
  16. IKR? There was one front flip he took for some Sin Cara arm drag that puzzled me, I didn't think that was possible lol.
  17. Multiple drags that I saw.. Snaps were so damn fast.
  18. For sure. Let's hope this Ricardo wrestling more thing works for everyone.