News Why Vince Isn't In The Hall Of Fame

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 4, 2013.

  2. He will have to die then..
  3. "You'll put me in when I am bloody dead damnit! And I want it to be my burial ceremony!"
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  4. Vince not Wanting a HOF spot..... Put him in once he retires/dies....
  5. He inducted himself in the HOF in my SvR 08 game. :dawg:Nah but I'm sure he'll be inducted once he officially turns the company over to HHH or whoever else.
  6. He's probably ashamed/embarrassed of his own HOF, lol. Can't say I blame him :cole:
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  7. Seems like he wants to go in when he dies.
  8. I guess he wants to save that big moment for when he's dead...
  9. When he retires/dies. Vince hates people bragging on him, so I could see him maybe not wanting to give a big speech at a HOF ceremony. I can envision him wanting to be the big induction only when he passes away.
  10. I can see the hall of fame when Vince dies being this big luscious funeral ceremony. Burning Vince on a pyre built of main eventer merchandise.
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  11. He hasn't done it yet because Stone Cold hasn't agreed to interrupt his speech and douse him with beer
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  12. Vince is bigger than the HOF.
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  13. This. I assume it will happen when HHH takes over/he dies, whichever comes first. And that year you can pretty much plan on cutting the HoF inductees to 2 max.
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