Why was there no follow-up with Brad Maddox?

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  1. So that was the big hook from HIAC... and no follow up... at all?
  2. There was . They stated multiple times during the night that Maddox was not to be found. He is in hiding somewhere so they can bring it out later. And Punk blatantly denied any involvement.
  3. Oh, okay. Showed up about 5 minutes late (turned on as soon as Foley's music hit) and usually tune out the stuff coming out of adverts.

    Figured they'd do much more than that though.
  4. I almost expected him to be a part of team Foley to make up for his "sin". With Maddox being a trained wrestler and a good one to boot I figured it could have been an elaborate work to establish a new babyface. But that it likely me over thinking things mixed with whishful thinking
  5. Garrett Bischoff? :pity:
  6. Except Maddox is known as being quite good a wrestler and talker actually. And a good seller to boot.
  7. Garrett Bischoff would wrestle that dickhead under the table. Does Maddox even wear leather pants? doubt it
  8. Basically WWE pulled that swerve last minute because they had no idea how to protect Ryback and Punk in a main event that shouldn't have happened. They are too scared to use Lesnar because he has limited appearance and for the love of God we can't miss Lesnar/HHH part 2, because that was SO entertaining. Big Show was busy with the WHC and Henry is obviously still injured. I guarantee we didn't see him this week because WWE still don't know how to explain it.
  9. in other words:

    WWE: "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

    classic fly by the seat of your ass booking, and it shows up in the terrible product.
  10. I'm pretty sure they'll think of an explanation. I'm predicting that Brad Maddox is going to cost Team CM Punk or Team Foley at Survivor Series. Huge possibility that, that could happen.
  11. Utterly disgraceful. Referencing a couple of times and Punk claiming that he didn't have any involvement is simply pathetic. This was the main talking point coming out of Hell in a Cell, yet it's taken a back seat to some shitty generic love angle between three characters that everybody has gotten completely bored of just now.

    Why did Ryback not even mention it? You have a chance to add a totally different dimension to his character, and yet they just have him do his usual stuff like nothing had happened? Why not have Ryback cut a promo asking where the hell Maddox is as he demands answers? It's a hell of a lot better than 'I'm gonna eat Punk cause he's in my food chain lol'. They should have had him attacking guys backstage, raping Matt Striker and others because he demands they tell him where Maddox is. Seriously, if they doing the same shit with him every week they run the risk of completely ruining Ryback.

    As for the story, they'll just brush it under the carpet and pretend it never happened cause we're all idiots.
  12. Tbh I prefer Ryback not mentioning it, he doesn't need to be a whiner at the moment. His promo was great.
  13. It's hardly whining though is it? You're honestly saying you'd rather Ryback cut that promo that do something different and look around for Maddox demanding answers. We all get bored of Cena doing the same shit every week, I really fear that Ryback is going down the same road.
  14. Ryback is still feuding with Punk and is mad at him. Having him cut a promo on the ref sort of shifts his "anger" to the ref and not Punk. I don't disagree that he should be angry, but if Brad wasn't going to appear then having Ryback cut a promo on him was useless. I didn't see bits of RAW so I'm not sure if this is true but was there not a segment of Ryback looking for Brad backstage? Might have read something wrong.
  15. I maybe skipped that by accident in which case I'm not as annoyed, but it's still poor. Yeah, I get what you're saying with Ryback keeping his sights set on Punk, but it was a fantastic opportunity to add something else to his character.

    They've made it glaringly obvious that it was just a way to keep both guys protected at HiaC. Really lazy booking.
  16. Ryback is about decimating his opponent. His opponent in this case is CM Punk and not the referee so his objective is to get CM Punk, it's clear that he's after retribution and he's getting closer to it while looking like the dominant guy. Ryback doesn't need to complain as he's about destroying, eating and dominating his opponents - just like John Cena said he's not about winning the Championship but about destroying someone. The referee got annihilated by Ryback at HITC, so I guess they made up for that there and then instead of continuing the storyline with the referee. Ryback isn't going to complain but he's going to leave it in the ring.
  17. But why would Ryback not be annoyed at the referee? Yes he chucked him against a cell at HIAC, that doesn't mean he has everything answered? Besides, they created this character Brad Maddox, they have made him 'ruin' the main event at HIAC, then they have done absolutely nothing about it the next week on Raw? That's fucking ridiculous whatever way you look at it.

    I'm stunned that anyone is even arguing this to be honest. Ryback just did the EXACT same thing he's done pretty much every week, go on about food chains, say 'feed me more' and beat people up. It's growing tedious for me, and seeing him go about trying to get answers out of Brad/Vickie/Punk is much more interesting tbh.
  18. I believe Brad Maddox will have involvement at Survivor Series and cost either team, possibly to go against team Punk for retribution.

    I totally understand where your coming from don't get more wrong however I feel like with Ryback's current character he doesn't need to bring it up because the casual viewers and the commentators said that the referee cost Ryback the belt meaning everyone know's he has the capability of beating CM Punk therefore not feeling the need to complain as he'll get him back one way or another - it's currently showing that.
  19. Ryback ignoring it can be justified, but it's just not capitalizing on what they created at HIAC and it just shows a complete lack of imagination IMO.

    I would rather he doesn't have an involvement in the second PPV in a row. That would mean the Ryback/Punk storyline continuing for longer, which is gonna be hard to sort out with only TLC left? Unless they have Punk go over cleanly at TLC of course. In saying that, I doubt they have put that much thought into it at the moment.

    I don't know. I really don't know at the moment. This entire thing is a mess.
  20. Absolutely son. :testify: